!!!WARNING!!! Cute Puppies – 8 Day Lycan Shepherds

!!!WARNING!!! Cute Puppies - 8 Day Lycan Shepherds
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8 day old litter of ‘F2’ Lycan Shepherds.

* I won’t be answering ANY questions regarding the litter or potential availability of any at this time so save those questions for later.

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  2. The one on his back needs to be named Eagle, he is spread out….and that white marking, when you would get to a certain angle, looks like an Eagle. Thank you for the updates…

  3. Lucky pups, they’ve got the best start in life with you, I haven’t been able to watch many of your uploads recently as I lost my beloved Staffordshire bull terrier in feb and was completely broken hearted, but times took the sting out and now I’m back to watch your wonderful videos again, thanks for sharing sir!

  4. Little miniature black bears dreaming, "I'll be bigger and tougher then Kurgan when I grow up…I'll be a BOSS!"
    I couldn't leave them alone…I'd have to cuddle up with them. 😊 How secure, warm, and safe they feel sleeping on their backs. I hope all of them have the very best life and can feel this safe and secure and loved ALWAYS. They are little miracles.

  5. Tips for newborn puppies ? Like what to do and take care of them ? When they are just given birth ? What to feed etc ? Or do we just let the mom take care of it and just give it shelter ?

  6. It's a good thing we don't live nearby or else I would be making a complete fool out of myself. Knock knock knock " hey Chad can I see your puppies again today!" As I'm standing there jumping up and down clapping my hands, LOL!!!!! They are truly gorgeous. I hope you and your beautiful wifey Tammy have a wonderful weekend.

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