The near-death experience of Barbara Bartolome

The near-death experience of Barbara Bartolome
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Barbara Bartolome explains how she had near-death experiences, and why it has changed her vision of life and death.

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  1. I'm happy she mentioned the spirit ask her about. Her husband because years ago I agreed to divorce my cruel husband but stayed 25 years with hopes it would improve. I hate divorce because God hates it. Then realized God also hates.abuse

  2. Thank you for sharing!!! I divorced 4 yrs ago and been so focused on wanting to meet someone new to be in my life and it feels like it just isn't ever going to happen. I am going to get off the dating sites and focus on me and having faith in God does have a plan for me and to use your advice. You kindness about you thats special.

  3. Not sure what to make of this. I lost my daughter in 2016. I lost my son in 2018. When I watch these things they make me feel guilty like I should have remembered to pray over my son when they walked us into his ER room. I wished I had of asked Jesus to raise him up. Because Jesus is according to the Bible The Way The Truth and Life, and there is No other way to get to God but through him. There is and adversary , the Devil who roams the earth in disguise. He came first as a serpent. Jesus said the greatest gift is love. That seems to be the most truthful thing about this “experience “. I wish I had seen him have a near death experience, but nope. Thankful he looked to Jesus for his way to heaven. I encourage you to study the Bible and see if any of what I said makes sense. You seem to be a very loving lady.

  4. Thanks for sharing your story. In my NDE I had a similar experience of being rapped in love. After when I heard the phrase "ocean of divine love" I thought today was what I experienced. Although it was the white light of divine love.

  5. Apart of what you said , reminded me about my teen years. I could feel some how what would happen. Sadly people would think I was a witch also ? that really hurt me. I was called a mother figure because I would be protected towards my friends and family. My mother told me that in her tummy I almost passed and as a child as well. Not sure… But I seen a lot of things in my life that reg people Dont see etc. I just dedicated self to God and that's how I'm trying to help myself. God bless all. Piece n love to all in Jesus Christ name

  6. Thank you for sharing your story. In the beginning I was angry how that doctor responded to your experience that you shared with him and too your previous husband. But people only react from their perspective and beliefs.
    Your story is uplifting, inspiring and confirms what I already believed to be true. ❤????

  7. I always tell people I understand if they don't believe my ghost encounters or visions ,it's happened to me and I still find it hard to believe the craziness.
    I was dragged down stairs from a sitting position with my feet above my head and ankles together.
    I'm still amazed and in disbelief,my mother said that ghost can't hurt us but I know better now.

  8. I foreseen an accident also and threw my hands over my face and screamed. My daughter asked me what I was doing, before I could get out I thought that car was hit, as I was pointing at the car a car came flying from behind us and slammed the car I was pointing at in front of me who was pulling out of the gas station.

  9. When we lose loved ones, it is but a temporary moment. We do and all will meet again somewhere and at this point we will have realized we've ALWAYS known each other. Not just here on Earth, but many, many other places as well. Our bodies are a shell we shed off when we die and become completely spiritual or onto another world of our choosing or our Higher Power's choosing. There is no beginning and there is no end. Hell is right here on Earth in whatever shape or experiece we feel it in. I have been to hell, and I don't want to go back. There is only today, the moment. There is no religion; it does not exist. It is man-made to keep us in-line and down under religion's foot. There is only one true God. The God of the universe. God is The Light.

  10. Problem with science or medical profession is they require and need solid proof to believe? Spiritual world is something fantastic or spooky to them because they cannot measure it in a tube or write it into their medical journals. But in all reality spiritual or another dimension is a fact but it takes faith.

  11. I Love your experience Barbara!
    I am no longer a Catholic and Christian! I no longer want to be associated with such closed minded, judgemental people. After my experiences. I already knew not to say a word to anyone in the church. The one place you would think…WRONG!
    Your NDE and so many NDE's make so much sense and always have been going on. We are being shown something incredible here people. Life After Death is real…as real as it gets!
    Keep your mind closed and not see and hear, know anything people. (Most choose to keep it closed.)
    Our keep it open and see…

  12. Make sure you’re all ready when your spirit leaves that room, or wherever you happen to be when you go! There’s two places, and Jesus died for us so we can go to the wonderful place with Him. The other place is terrible. All who call on the name of the Lord shall be saved. ?

  13. You would think that doctors, being 'health' professionals…would be the most fascinated individuals on the planet, about discovering what ACTUALLY happens after death…especially when this must happen OFTEN in any hospital doctor's career. How can they just be apathetic about it, and even worse…condescending to their patients…who they KNEW, were just actually DEAD?? WTF???
    The stupidity of arrogant intellectuals, never ceases to amaze me.

  14. she lost me on " starting a business" AS THERE IS NO FREEDOM in this monetary system from this life! Period.
    Research Mark Passio 's work on true freedom – FREE WILL & NATURAL LAW.

  15. Barbara, that is how I look at others too and for a similar reason. My mother came back and was at the foot of my bed two weeks after her death. We were very close; she was my Light. I believe I was her second and third child; the second one died at 8 months age. I was born 5 years later. I was pregnant with my third child when I saw her, a being of light; I was thrown back against the bed's headboard and went to the other side, but not in, sort of in an atrium… there was a large group of peole who all knew me, but I did not recognize them; it was like a party.
    I look through people and see the spirit. So I have friends who are of all ages, shapes and appearances. Many other people who are just acquaintances stay that way.
    After many years, I met the love of my life; coincidentally, we discovered we had the same birth surname. He passed over the last day of 2007, one week before his 60th birthday. I knew him by his eyes; the windows to the soul, they say. Now, when I remember him (and I do talk to him several times a day), I see his twinkly blue eyes.
    I had premonitions about losing him as I awoke that day, 12/31/2007, and I told him as we got out of bed. But you don't really hear, yourself, what you are saying; I didn't want to "know" that he would die that day. Then "they" who guide and protect me made it so that I was away from home that afternoon. He called me at the veterinarian's and they called me to the phone: "I've called 9-1-1, I think I'm having a heart attack" his voice said… and then I heard the phone hit the floor and then him hit the floor. How like him to say it in just that order, as one hearing it would immediately ask, "Have you called 9-1-1?" He was caring and thoughtful to a fault.
    I know he's more than well, happy, joyous. He's with his beloved dad and his half-brother Blair. We met in late 1998; it wasn't long enough; still working, it just wasn't enough time together.
    I had a past life regression soon after his death. He was there, in my life, and I have tried to set a date for that lifetime. It was while the Romans were controlling northern France/England. I now know that is from 200 to 400 A.D., roughly. I was able to see vividly what my life at that time was; I highly recommend regression as a possibility for people who can do it and who can find a good person to guide them.

  16. I had this experience where I was sleeping in bed with my ex boyfriend at the time and I could see both of us facing up the ceiling sleeping side by side. Then in a instance, the view switched to us facing each other, not the physical bodies which were still facing up the ceiling but the souls or spirits whichever you choose to call it and we were in deem neon blue color. No words were exchanged but our eyes locked and I could feel his love. I mentioned this to him one day when we were talking and he never believed me…

  17. How people shut her down, I’m a nurse, just makes me sad. I’m sorry that happened but I’m so glad she moved beyond that.

  18. Not true NDEs are nearly the same, some talk about a being of light where there is no sin, some, there is Jesus giving them a grand tour of heaven, some just drop into unspeakable, eternal tortures of hell with foul smells like dead rats x a million and unimaginable heat. "…and the screams of the damned!", but, Jesus saves them. They all cannot be right covering the entire gamut of sin-no sin, hell-no hell, judgment by Jesus vs the "being of light" where "oh, there never is any judgment." So, it makes one wonder, are any NDE true!?! Just saying…

  19. You are amazing! I learned the word "Code Blue" from the experience too. 🙂 Can I join the study? The communication is definitely on-going from the other side. Thanks for sharing your love with others.

  20. 47:00 I can totally see that.
    I had/have something similar as a result of a Twin Flame experience:
    someone stepping away from you in this life..
    There's obviously big differences with an NDE (I have not had one)
    but in both cases one has to go beyond the understanding of 3D reality
    to understand a truly profound experience …

  21. I also has a near death experience after surgery – but I knew that the "Being" was the Living God, that God is love and that love is God and we are all one in Him. He is the Eternal One, my Savior, my Lord. and it is His love that holds this whole universe together -and I learned that our purpose in life is to learn to truly love God and one another and to encourage one another, and to develop our soul through His grace – being kind, non-judgemental, forgiving, repenting of when we hurt others, washed in the blood of Jesus – and that everyone on the planet are our sisters and brothers and are to be treated as such. And I learned this without words, in a split second, as if my head were open and all this knowledge came pouring down into my head like a pot dumping water in me. Even Christians didn't believe me when I told them what happened to me with some even telling me that the devil made me see that, that it was the devil who brought me joy and the understanding that God truly loved me. How bizarre some people can be – if only they can hear themselves talk!

    Mediums are surely listening to voices but these are 'familiar spirits' – nothing more than deceiving demons who already know the trajectory of your life because there is no such thing as time once we leave this world – another thing I learned up there – and therefore demons know how our lives will play out and whisper those things into mediums' ears. Ask yourself to test them as the prophets are tested in the Bible – if everything they say comes true, then it is of God, but if they slip up, even once, it is a deceiving spirit. Are mediums right 100 % of the time? No. Only God is. The Bible says explicitly that we are not to consult with mediums or soothe sayers – even so-called Christian prophets are suspect to me. Many are false. And this good woman in the video needs to ask herself – For what purpose was the scrap book store? What purpose toward her spiritual development and fulfillment did it offer? Did it enlighten or encourage the souls who bought from her store? Did it bring Life to their souls for eternity? That's why we are here – to learn of God and, once we have learned, to share and encourage others. Was there a person who went to her store whom she was able to comfort or instruct in the ways of her eternal soul? That is important. That is our mission. And Christ is our example that we should follow in His steps. "Behold, I came that they might have ABUNDANT life. I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes unto the Father but by Me." – Christ

  22. It wasnt a being it was Jesus' He is the Son of God and Loves each and EVERY one of us..He died for our sins on the Cross of Calvary so we can spend eternity with him forever.. please if you dont have JESUS in your heart please pray to him now..He is coming back for those of us who know him any second to take us from this evil world.The bible tells what the world would look like just before his return and we are there. WE ARE IN THE DAYS OF NOAH….PLEASE KNOW HE LOVES YOU AND DIED ON THE. CROSS FOR YOU..ALL HE WANTS IS FOR YOU TO ACCEPT HIM AS LORD AND SAVOR AND HE IS A PRAYER AWAY…PRAY TO HIM RIGHT NOW!!

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