Terrible!!! The worst injuries and falls in Olympic gymnastics

Terrible!!! The worst injuries and falls in Olympic gymnastics
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Watch the worst injuries and falls in olympic gymnastics
//////Strong falls//////

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  1. I remember that one blonde chick w the attitude from back in the day. She was a disaster and always pissed off. The commentators always used to love to pun point out her foul diva attitude

  2. Could someone please explain to me how putting your life in danger like this is necessary? How does it help society or your quality of life? Testing your body to the maximum. I'm all for a healthy lifestyle but, this is extreme. Just my thoughts about it. I'm not a "right fighter"… It just confuses me yet, I sat and watched this ENTIRE video.

  3. Just for fun facts, the reason people wait to respond to gymnasts in competition is because they want to see if she will get up on her own. If they step foot on the mat it's an automatic deduction. They dont want to hurt the score if she is okay

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