Rescue Poor Dog Wandering in The Street, Neck Was Seriously injured

Rescue Poor Dog Wandering in The Street, Neck Was Seriously injured
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Rescue a Poor Dog in The rain Unsuccess ! dog rescue sad stories :

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  1. Пожалуйста, я не хочу ни кому зла. Я дрожу при виде людей, т.к. не знаю кто хороший, а кто плохой. Этот выстрел мог быть для меня смертельным, не вините, что я убегал. Он оказался спасеньем. Спасибо, что такую дворнягу как я вы спасли…

  2. Thank you so much ❤️? for helping the poor puppy ? you guys are the best ❤️? God bless you ? you guys ❤️ so cute ? ? puppy

  3. Hey who that bad man holding a stick the dog are scared of him I tell you there so many bad people out there and to hurt a dog that will show you how many are out there

  4. Thank you so much for saving this poor dog.God bless u always.Whoever did this to this poor soul,should rot in hell for his cruelty.I am so happy now that the dog is safe♥️♥️♥️

  5. Disgusting how people can do this need a bullet to the head one shot other countries you'd go to prison and rot your so lucky your over there thankyou rescuers your the best makes me want to subscribe

  6. Que triste,q.abusen así de un animalito.pero se olvidaron que este animal es de DIOS TAMBIEN Y DIOS LE TENDRA EN CUENTA.PORQUE DIOS NO DUERME,Y HACE JUSTICIA.

  7. Awe. Breaks my heart that he can't bark. I just want to hold him close to me and never let him go.
    Thank you thank you thank you for helping these special dogs that are in desperate need.

  8. God has been generous to all of us who gave us the chance to know his creation to respecte and love it and this is how we thank in the abuse, in the suffering of these poor creatures, there is something important that human forgets : As you give also receive and pay with the one you love most in this same life . ??????

  9. Tu sabes que ellos no tienen la culpa de estar en la desgracia en que están. somos nosotros los humanos. Los que hemos propiciado todo esto. Y gracias por rescatarlo.

  10. Que dolor debe de haber pasado este pobre animalito que fue tan maltratado y a hora es tan feliz con sus salvadores , Dios le bendiga siempre por hacer la d iferencia desde LARES PUERTO RICO BENDICIONES ???? que mierda son sas personas que maltratan a los animalitos ??????????????

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