Oleko Dundich/ Aleksa Dundic (1958) movie

Oleko Dundich/ Aleksa Dundic (1958) movie
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Life and times of Oleko Dundich (Aleksa Dundic), a volunteer in the Serb army during WW1, who later became a legend by fighting for the Red Army in the Russian Civil War.

Oleko Dundich/ Aleksa Dundic (1958) movie

Genres: Drama, War
Production Co: Avala Film, Gorky Film Studio

Directed by Leonid Lukov
Writing Credits: Antonije Isakovic (writer), Mikhail Kats (writer), Leonid Lukov (writer)
Music by Nikita Bogoslovsky
Cinematography by Mikhail Kirillov

Branko Plesa as Aleksa Dundic
Tatyana Piletskaya as Galya
Stojan ‘Stole’ Arandjelovic as Rasovic
Zoran Benderic as Mali Mirko
Dragomir Felba as Palic
Sergey Filippov as Konacar
Valentin Gaft
Tatyana Konyukhova as Dashka
Larisa Kronberg as Irina Tumanova
Boris Livanov
Sergei Lukyanov as Skuro
Mikhail Pugovkin
Milan Puzic as Hodic
Evgeniy Samoylov as Bodrov
Margarita Shuikina as Gipsy woman Nastya
Konstantin Sorokin as Komadir
Viktor Starcic as Srpski general
Lev Sverdlin as Budyonny
Ljuba Tadic as Dragic
Leonid Tobdzhiev as Grof Galicki
Vladimir Troshin as Voroshilov
Evgeniy Velikhov as General Zober
Nikolay Slichenko as Tsygan


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  1. Can anyone famiiar with the Russian Civil War tell me why it didn't devolve into trench warfare with massive artillery batteries on both sides? Or perhaps it did, and I just have never seen that sort of warfare depicted in any of the films or documentaries? It would seem that in the wake of the Great War, the Western-backed White Army could have easily brought in tons of heavy artillery and the Red Army could have found a fair amount themselves. Instead, this war seems to be a partisan war or guerrilla war with relatively few, if any, major battles.

    As for the "debates" that often follow these sorts of films, I'll make the observation that the first side that joins ranks with foreign imperialists loses the argument. At that point, that side becomes the invading army and the other side is defending the homeland. There could be patriotic Russians fighting on both sides who just disagree about politics, but once you invite the scavengers in to fight with you, you are in no position to take the moral high ground.

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