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  1. Salaam sir .You have been a great guys for helping the Orphens children's I hope Allah returns his blessing on you and keep you well good and keep you in good health ..I like you all your videos

  2. my name is Khaza Moin Uddin chisti , you`r my meta or best friend, You are a great , welcome in our Bangladesh, you`r Friend- 0130 92 86 055

  3. Asalam alekum. God bless u for feeding children. U have such a good heart and smile. I can understand what u say. But can't speak Hindi. Where do u stay ? Pls let me know.

  4. Salaamu Aleykum Nawab bhai.

    I just wanted to make a suggestion that you add English language (and maybe other languages like Arabic) captions for non-Hindi speakers to reach a wider audience and so we can understand the recipes in full.

    May Allah reward you for your work.

  5. Assalam Walekum Nawab Kitchen From you to me and all your team hearty congratulations to you You guys are doing very good work Allah taala fulfill all your wishes

  6. I hope you can put a subtitled in your video… Because you must understand… Not all your subscribers is Indian people… Like me I don't understand it at all what are you saying about…??? Please consider my request.. Because maybe you can get more subscribers soon….May Allah bless you…

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