Every Single Animal in Planet Zoo || ALL 70+ ANIMALS!

Every Single Animal in Planet Zoo || ALL 70+ ANIMALS!
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All Habitat and Exhibit (Terrarium) Animals in Planet Zoo, plus the three Deluxe Edition Exclusive Animals!

♦ Releasing all the animals in Planet Zoo beta: https://youtu.be/u_1qtZoG1bA

♦ My Planet Zoo Beta Franchise Zoo: https://youtu.be/W_G5rUS4Jfw

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  1. Big mistake, they really should have allowed people to see this in 2k or 4k. Many people who buy this game will enjoy the high detail seen in that resolution, if they have a 4k

  2. I want to see White Rhinos, Black Rhinos, Kangaroos, Alligators, Polar Bears, and a few extinct animals in the game like Tasmanian Tiger and the Dodo in the game.

  3. I would love to have some small/medium cats as well like a Palla's cat, Ocelot or Clouded leopard. Normal big leopard species would also be awesome and what about Jaguars? Marine animals would be great as well… Same as birds like owls, parrots, vultures, horbills etc. Otters, penguins, kangaroos, caimans, maybe wild goat species? Polar bears! Maybe something strange looking like a saiga antelope? I pretty sure that more animals will be added, just hope that they will go in many directions with it. So many amazing animals that they can add! Hope they will also add more animals that aren't that well known by most people like the saiga antelope. Probably keeps it interesting!

  4. I cant believe how they charged 10€ for 3 animals and soundtrack. Feels kinda silly. I'd imagine a DLC with like 20 animals would be liek 20€ since the game was 45€. They really asking about 25% more for three animals lol

  5. I am sooo underwhelmed by the exhibit animals.. they're so boring and you forget about them and they do nothing.. and I HATE the cubes they are put in. So unrealistic.

  6. I am overly thrilled about the inclusion of hyenas, but I'm sad that there aren't any foxes. Red, fennec, and arctic foxes would be awesome, along with striped hyenas!! And maybe different colored wolves? I hope these get added eventually

  7. I hope this game gets dlcs or updates with more reptiles and birds, because so far it's very mammal-centric, like look at how many bears there are, like you're gonna tell me we can have two nearly identical-looking brown bears meanwhile the american alligator doesn't even have a spot ? and snakes are restricted to immobile exhibit props, and where are raptors, parrots, storks, and all the other birds you often encounter in zoos ???

  8. Will there be any expansion packs for this game including prehistoric animals domesticated animals sea creatures and other animals of all sorts really soon and some downloadable content too

  9. What about a Jaguar, Giant Anteater, American Alligator, Honey Badger, Secretary Bird, Raptors (Eagles, Hawks, Owls and Vultures), Mongoose, Cougars, Tasmanian Devils, Dromedary Camels, Big Horn Sheep, Malaysian Tapir, Species of Deer, Java Green Peafowl, Penguins, Species of Storks, Congo Peafowl, Polar Bear, Quail, Kangaroos, Koalas, Water Buffalo, Ocelots, Nile Crocodile, Gibbons, Emus, Raccoons, Boars, Squirrel, Porcupine, Anaconda, King Cobra, Wallaby, Quokka, Osprey, Mambas, Ants, Spiders, Mantis, Beetles, Lynx, Black and White Rhinos, Kudu, Panther, Duiker, Leopard, Caiman, Salamander, Newts, Species of Sloth, and a Peregrine Falcon?!

    I want the animals on Planet Zoo, NOW!

  10. I wish theyd add some python species, but its not that important, they need to add more birds. It looks great for a start, but from what i understand the game will be expanded upon with time, right?

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