A Compilation Of Paranormal Events 3

A Compilation Of Paranormal Events 3
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Hi latest from us and another of these compilations which seem to be quite popular so far.

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  1. Scientists have to stop with the "It's the brain" S#!%. The majority of people on this planet know that we live on after we leave our physical body and don't need their input on this subject. While the study of the brain is vital, it's time to let go of the old paradigm that we are just physical material.
    Very interesting Video though!?

  2. I’ve seen a video about a hospital that has an object placed on top of a high cupboard. If someone has an NDE, they ask if they saw and can identify the object. Many people have been able to do so.

  3. Great work and footage as always guys, from your US friend and fan! Tweet YouTube to remontize The Wonderful World of Weirdness and all their other channels as well for the guys of the 75th U.S. Ranger Reg, 1st Battalion!

  4. I have never heard of the first story, I am going to look further into it but it sounds very legitimate if the history involved dark mistreatments especially children. The CCTV video I've seen and I find some discrepancies in that one, it looks convincing. I study NDEs and I believe what most individuals are saying. Some of the things are knowledge of accounts being far too similar on a global scale. Thank you, Julian…

  5. Great work once again Julian. Hope you've been writing some new music. I'm heading into the studio next month to put down some new tracks. Love it. Say hi to John for me mate.

  6. To the last one, I think some people don't believe something that is out of this world, if it hits them in the face. I have actually seen this happen with a friend of mine, who experianced something paranormal in my place. He went out the door, and didn't want to speak to me anymore, but last thing he said was that it did not happen. He "just felt there was something evil about me". ??? Sure, he just never noticed my evilness in the 9 years before, where he was my friend, I guess.. 😉 Have a beautiful day/evening! Hugs!

  7. That was awesome, thanks!
    I watched a TV show years ago, where these real surgeons were testing the out of body theory. They had those digital type signs you can program to say anything, but facing the ceiling, close to the ceiling, where they couldnt be seen while standing or laying down. Patients were coming out of surgery repeating the nonsensical things on the signs. The only one I remember was "the popsicles are in bloom".
    Idk, but it convinced me.
    Great video, guys, & Julian you sounded awesome as per usual!

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