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  1. That´s "insane"…
    I really love the connection but man…its a bear…if he just for a couple of seconds decide to instinctively well…you know…he´s dead like in no time,but if survives,man,probably wish to be dead anyway…but is just my ignorance speaking,clearly they love each other but a polar bear is absolutly no joke at all,by all means.
    Very beautifull animal btw.

  2. Waw- you forget they are so dangerous when you see them in this context. They are beautiful but somehow, the green grass doesn't suit the polar bear. They are white because they are from very cold countries. 

  3. As the scientifically proven Arabic Quran, based on mathematic says, the animals are the community just like us, and they do their prayers, and supplications, but we cannot comprehend. They are totally aware of us. They know if we are worshiping the Almighty Alone or not, and other things. The reason we are not able to understand animal's language is because they know exactly, where they came from, and they know why they came over here on earth, yet we don't. That was the plan of the Almighty In order for our test to have a fair test on earth. That is why in the original languages of all the scriptures human means, "the one who forgot". We can never learn animal's languages, but they can learn our languages. In the history of the human beings only David and Solomon were given the understanding of the languages of the birds, that is they were the ones who knew exactly where we came from. Hoopoe knows exactly what is written in God's scriptures. Animals are all submitters to our Creator, and they were not created weak like humans. Because, we are not able to know the future, and we cannot control other people, therefore we are not able to make ourselves happy. Animals do not depend on 911, nor a police or fire department, nor doctors or hospitals, nor FBI, CIA, and homeland security. All the creatures in this world are in perfect security and happiness, and they know exactly what to do, except the arrogant human beings.

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