Woman Dedicates Life To Saving Baby Goats | The Dodo

Woman Dedicates Life To Saving Baby Goats | The Dodo
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This woman has a house full of special needs baby goats ❤️

Video by: Ellen Thomas
To help Leanne rescue more goats, you can support Goats of Anarchy: http://thedo.do/goa. Special thanks to WalkinPets.com for getting Lawson fitted with a new Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair: https://www.facebook.com/HandicappedPets.

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For the love of animals. Pass it on.


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  1. I love my two lil babies more than I ever imagined . I'm the "uncle" to two sweet lil babies . A 9 month old … and lil DOT is 2 months old and was born a 3rd the size of her brother and sister . She is super healthy but very small. LOUD AND FEISTY ! Love them so much

  2. Hope nobody ate lamb or baby goats this easter!!! don't eat animals people – do you know how abused innocent farm animals are just because you eat them out of habit? Vegan food has come a long way and I've never eaten better or with better conscience since NOT eating innocent little animals.

  3. This is what we need to do love and care for lambs and goats and we have to stop eating them and we have to stop animal cruelty because it's wrong to kill a living creature and I still eat in macdonalds and kfc and I eat chicken but I used to eat lamb and am never going to because it's wrong and am going to stop eating at macdonalds and other places. And we have to stop animal cruelty to farm animals harming farm animals is as bad harming a cat or a dog because what am trying to say is that farm animals also should be treated with love and care guest as we love a cat or a dog. And what you are doing saving goats that is a wonderful thing your doing because a lamb and a goat are not are food thay are hour friends. So am saying no to eat lamb goat and cow meat beef I am not going to eat them because thay are hour animal friends guest lIke a cat or a dog are hour friends. So am going to try my best to eat vegetables and fruits and if I what a burger I what a vegetarian burger.

  4. Amazing wounderfull women. Thank you for all you do. Godbless you great person. We must be voice an hand for all animals in need. ???❤??

  5. What quality of life do they have though? She has good intentions and is a remarkable person – no argument, but I wonder if being dressed-up in outfits and hobbling around is truly humane? They must be in some discomfort, but they can't communicate this to her. Euthenasia isn't automatically wrong. Sometimes it's the compassionate choice. The moral choice.

  6. I have a baby goat and he is a runt, it takes him a long time to grow so he needs more care, His name is coco you can check him out on my YouTube 🙂 and my other one (butter)

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