Rescuing a Pit Bull who just wanted to be loved. A MUST SEE Hope For Paws video!

Rescuing a Pit Bull who just wanted to be loved. A MUST SEE Hope For Paws video!
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  1. I cant phathom What would have happened to him if you guys weren't there to rescued him?☹…that woman that called u was his life savor also…so so sad…I hope he is doing well?

  2. What kid of monsters would throw rocks at a dog? Time to pull out the baseball bats and teach those little bastards something about ethics! Then I want to take that sweet dog home and show him that all humans aren't at all like that, he deserves to live the rest of his life being loved, cherished and pampered! ?

  3. Does anyone else see the irony here? This sweet gentle giant is homeless, but the demons who threw rocks at him have a "home?" (Tho I use the term "home" VERY LOOSELY!!!) Hello? Mom? Dad? Are you in there? Put down the crack pipe & the syringe & control the DEMONS you spawned!!! In the meantime… precious, handsome Buddha, be happy dear angel. You've earned it. I pray you find a forever home & family filled with unconditional love & that your sweet tail has many reasons to wag with joy for the rest of your life.?????

  4. Why are people so cruel to one another and animals; don't they know everyone deserves love & affection. NO ANIMAL SHOULD EVER BE TREATED LIKE their NOTHING! I WANT TO TALK WITH THE NEIGHBORHOOD KIDS, MYSELF! Thank you for helping that dog. I'm a cat lover, I HAVE THREE OF THEM AND I LOVE THEM JUST LIKE MY OWN CHILDREN. Let someone try to hurt my family, there will be hell to pay.

  5. Just because these animals look tough, doesn't mean they are and it looks like this dog has had his ears cosmetically changed too, which is cruel in itself and has now just been thrown out like rubbish. Why didn't the people around him do something before this? I bet he still hasn't got a home either !! I despair of humans, I really do.

  6. The evil that men do with their animals, now to figure out which one of the 770 dislikes are responsible for this. Maybe not this one but it appears they would be willing to do it. 770 people that would have abandoned a pet, maybe their children if they become an inconvenience.

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