Planet Zoo: Battle Royale – Survival of the Fittest

Planet Zoo: Battle Royale - Survival of the Fittest
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Planet Zoo is supposed to be about the conservation of endangered animals.

But, just in theory, which of those endangered animals would win in a sprawling 70-animal battle royale?

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  1. You should use this to predict the next election like you did with worms. Carnivores = politicians / herbivore = working class, homeless, elderly etc.

  2. The Grizzly Bears cheated. They lost their best competitor due to injuries and they got a fresh replacement when everybody else was weak, and that fresh bear killed the Tigers, the probably rightful winners (besides the giraffes honorable mention) and the now martyrs of this battle royale. All Hail The Mighty Tigers!!!

  3. Weeeeeelllll the grizzly bear won after you introduced a fresh new one so… not a clean victory? Also stopping the erbivore feeding was a bit of a ** move. Tortoise could have won 😛 I'll wait for new year zoo battle royal xD

  4. Hippos IRL are Omnivores, so the game's wrong, assuming they only eat fruit and vegetable, though it might be a last ditch for the Hippos to eat meat

  5. "Cheetah, gotta be a strong contender"
    Cheetahs aren't actually that scary for carnivores. They rely entirely on their speed take downs which makes them very light giving them fragile bones. Any carnivore a Cheetah's size could take it down easily, they regularly get their kills stolen from hyena.

  6. if you've ever played Rimworld, you'd root for the tortoise, those ****** will happily take shotgun shells to the face then tear you apart with their beaks

  7. Leave it to a Panda to find a way to die from starvation in an enclosure full of food and bloodthirsty tigers.

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