Fostering A Pitbull | Don't Judge The Breed | Peace Love Rescue

Fostering A Pitbull | Don't Judge The Breed | Peace Love Rescue
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Hellooo, y’all! I’m excited to introduce you to my newest friend, Blue!

I wanted to talk about what it’s like fostering a pitbull, the importance of fostering a dog, and about rescues in general. I support all things rescue, as well as the “don’t judge the breed” mindset.

If you have any tips on how to talk to people about not being afraid of/ not judging certain breeds without sounding preachy, please let me know! I wanna hear from ya! Until next time! Peace, love, rescue!! xoxo

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  1. My girl #cinnamonbunz is the best dog ever. She's a red/pink nose and she is my entire universe. I used to be afraid of them to until i met her mama. My dog's mom is the sweetest pit i had ever met. I've had her for 5 yrs now and i CAN NOT imagine life without her.

  2. I just recently started fostering a 9yr old Pitt. This guy is probably the sweetest dog I've ever been around. I do notice when we go out, some people will avoid us. I feel like if I keep taking him out to Farmers Markets, people will get more comfortable and see how sweet they truly are.

  3. He is so beautiful… I have been rescuing dogs for 15 years now….helping to find homes and I have 4 of my own…two of them are Pit mixes…one actually looks like Blue. He is super sweet…my female is super sweet too but she is not good with females…the other two are a Carolina Dingo…people tell me he looks like a fox…and the other is a Rottweiler/Cattle dog…I have had the same thing happen to me when I walk my pit bulls…

  4. I’ve grown up with pitbulls and other small dogs and they are the most loving and loyal pets. My male pitbull is very protective and doesn’t like strangers in his home but he’s a sweetheart, not aggressive just protective, it’s all about how they are raised as well as any other dog

  5. I've been bit by a pitbull at work. Why was I bit by a dog at work? Because the vet I work with decided to give a vaccination without anyone having ahold of the dog that was already scared about being in a vet clinic. The pit tried to bite the owner and then I just happened to be in the right spot. She got me in the hand. Did it hurt? Yes. Was I mad, nope! Do I have scars? Yes. But I have to take it as I work in a job that I risk being injured by an animal. It wasn't the dogs fault it was that scared. I wasn't viciously attacked, I was nipped by a very scared dog who after we calmed her down didn't want to eat my face off, she wanted to lick my face off with kisses. And dammit, I let her.

  6. Question: Do a lot of animals get signed over to the clinic if their injuries/ illness is too great for the owner to pay for? Does that happen a lot? Because a lot of my teachers have problem animals with bad illnesses or bad behavior problems because they got signed over to their clinics or no one else wanted to adopt them. I was wondering if having problem children are just part of the job?

  7. Pit bulls melt my heart!!! He’s such a cutie!!! ??❤️ I just started vet tech school through Penn Foster! I’m SO happy I found your channel!!!

  8. Love this video. What a handsome boy, he likes the camera too.;) I thought it was funny when you were talking about his kennel and he went and got in it! Lol. He’s a smart boy.

  9. I love your videos. I adopted 2 Pitbulls their names are Porkchop and Gemma from Unbreakable Bullies. I really hope you adopt him. He looks like a good boy.

  10. Yessss the last part of your video is so important. I own a pit/doberman mix and I've had people say "Get away from that dog it's a pit bull" and it's so offensive. I've started putting cute bandanas or sweaters on my big old pit bull mix and it helps people feel like she's more safe and friendly, which she is regardless of her breed. I hate breed discrimination and I'm a huge advocate for the bully breed and I'm so glad you're just as passionate about it! #dontbullymybreed

  11. Hey Julie ??
    I love you’re videos!
    Can you please do a video on what a normal day at work for you is as a vet nurse ?

  12. I personally love German Shepherds. I cannot tell you how many times people get scared of my dogs or when I am good with a German Shepherd how people are surprised that I know they aren’t all bad. All I really ever tell people is that I am cautious with all dogs, not certain breeds. I judge each dog individually and read body language. Any dog breed can be a bad. Any dog breed can be good.

  13. He's so sweet!! I'm so happy your a part of rescuing animals and being an advocate for the breed. It's so important. I have a rescue pitbull (I just posted a video with her!) And a 1 year old son and my pitbull is so great with him! And I agree it's so important to show your kids how to interact with any dog.

  14. I have a pitbull/bully mix when I first got her I was 18, she’s SUPER short and I’m 4’9 and people would really cross the street, grab their kids and cross the street, make comments, etc. I was so offended but I learned to get over it and shake it off. People who do ask to pet her are very rewarding!

  15. I get so mad when people say they don't like pitbulls because they are aggressive. I have a Standard Poodle and people always ask me "can't they be aggressive" and my answer is Any dog can be aggressive depending how they are raised/trained.

  16. This is why I love the shelter I volunteer at everydog that comes in, that is listed for adoption are listed as a mixed breed even if the dog looks like a mini pit or a pitbull and when we talk to people about the animals we can never call them pits or by another breed name because of the awful stereotypes at the shelter every dog is equal ??

  17. I wish I had a home to foster dogs….pitbulls are amazing dogs…they are just judged because there are people who use them for fighting…Don't judge a book by its cover because you can miss out on an amazing story

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