Man Steals Pit Bull Puppy From Houston SPCA & You Won't Believe Why! Scenes From RUFF LIFE Movie

Man Steals Pit Bull Puppy From Houston SPCA & You Won't Believe Why! Scenes From RUFF LIFE Movie
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The scenes captured here were part of the inspiration for the new documentary RUFF LIFE #RUFFLIFE #RUFFLIFEMovie #WA2SFilms

No hope for dogs when the Houston SPCA is involved? Not likely. That is until a local man helping to feed National Guard Troops at the Ford Center in Beaumont, Texas where peoples pet dogs and cats where brought in, stepped in and broke the law to save a pit bull puppy.

This man knows the Houston SPCA kills Pit Bull and other breed specific dogs like Rottweilers.

This video illustrates the measure some people will take to keep certain dogs out of the hands of the Houston SPCA.

Help the World Animal Awareness Society save hundreds of at risk dogs working with dozens of Houston area dog rescues. The work never stops, and we need you. Donate and help us help rescuers save more lives following Hurricane Harvey!

The Houston SPCA was receiving dogs, cats, horses and livestock in Beaumont at the Ford Park Entertainment Center. This location came under scrutiny when it was rumored that pit bulls went in but didn’t come out alive. It was all over social media to take this breed of dog to Montgomery County or they would be killed.

It has not been confirmed whether this was a truth. Interestingly, a few days later, the Houston SPCA shut down operations in Beaumont and relocated the animals to their facility in Houston. Their communications person has not returned our calls as of this publication. It is believed Houston SPCA did not want to be so exposed in the open air environment – preferring to do their business behind closed doors with no inquiring eyes.

However, the man who took this puppy did say this pittie did not have tags – although the guardian had left the dogs in the care of the Houston SPCA with tags.

The man also said that while he was at Ford center late on Saturday September 2, 2017 – pitties – about 20 crates worth had already disappeared.

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  1. Expose this act. Share and post on every plaform you can. The louder the Voice the better. Man i wish I was there. Its not just about being an Animal Lover, its about life. That is the first principle about it. My first thought of action is life. Let me make a decision to cut the air of a person lying in the Hospital because he costing money, to much timw, or effort. Most folks will say he'll no. Especially if thier truly love/connected. SPCA is acting like child services. Where the State raises and does what it sees right for the chiled. The Owner/You! have no say. These ridiculous Vets have no place in thw first place to enter Vet school. Its about money for the lunatics.

    The more you understand the meaning of life an its beauty you learn to respect and care foe the ones with no Voice. For Man has been put on Earth to look out for the less fortunate. Man has higher understanding generally speaking and giving the role of protector. This issue can even go to Court if enough people make a loud noise. Awareness an action is key. Coweredness is not for the strong. For these evil acts are acts of Coward lazy Mercy half breeds. Why half breeds? Because there have demon for acting as one. For whats in the abundance of the Herat, the mouth speeks. Youre actions.

  2. Stiffer animal cruelty laws. You are putting down people's pets those poor people have already lost everything and you just possibly put down the only thing they have left.. how would u feel if it was your pet!!!!

  3. Pitbull are not mean it their owners that dont care about them and abuse them poor pitbull we dont deserve dogs thier loving animals we humans are disagreed to society

  4. i adopted a Germen Shepard from caddo parish shelter she was sick and way under weight when i feed her the first she acted like she was starving to death these shelters are not taking care of these dogs i feel so bad these dogs

  5. Let me say I am terrified of pit bulls but I think they are beautiful dogs. It's not the breed that's the problem, I have only ever met 1 nice pitbull and she was stolen later but she was the sweetest dog. I don't blame the dog breed…I blame the asshole owners who raise them to be aggressive!

  6. OMG! I hope this isn't true. How dare them do harm to an innocent pit bull. Pit bulls are wonderful pets. Wish some law enforcement agency would do more to crack down on dog fighting. It's cruel, inhumane, etc. I hope this isn't true because I do donate to the ASPCA.

  7. Can you guys help find homes for rescues from other rescuers? I worked for a lady in the summer her names sylvia and she has about 4-5 pit bulls and since we live down in mission not many people like pit bulls since they see them as “aggressive” she works her butt off for these dogs and many more but she can’t take anymore in because she’s full can you guys help in anyway?

  8. keep up the good work…..steal all of them out of their to save their lives. They have NO RIGHT EUTHANIZING DOGS!!!!!!! Please EVERYONE WHO IS GOOD AT HEART……SAVE THESE DOGS!!! DONT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH THIS!!!! PLEASE FEED THEM….STAY THERE AND VIDEO THEM….STOP THIS FROM HAPPENING.

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