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  1. Yes, I did hear what sounded like someone breathing/sighing  Two things I've learned from life : be careful what you wish for/ invite in, and that the lifeforce in a living person is far more powerful than the remnants of someone who has passed on. The first one serves as a warning, and the second is meant to strengthen your resolve against the things we can't explain. I do believe that sometimes people leave "impressions" of themselves behind, and older houses tend to have more likelihood of being those repositories because more lives have passed through them. Sorry, not trying to scare you. It's just a theory. I work in a beautiful old building in upstate New York and it's had its' share of sightings. The young recruits that I train refuse to work there after I have given them "the tour". Be confident ! You have a marvelous personality, and I suspect, a strong intuition about your surroundings. It may be what draws other energy to you. I know it's what drew me to you.

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