Buffalo Mourn Dead Female After Lion Attack

Buffalo Mourn Dead Female After Lion Attack
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AN encounter between a herd of cape buffalo and a pride of lions produced one of the rarest and most heartbreaking scenes ever captured in the wild. After taking down a lone female buffalo, the lionesses at the Greater Kruger Park South Africa, were faced by the angry herd coming to the defence of their fallen comrade. Within a few short moments the herd tended to the already dead buffalo, seemingly trying to get her to wake up. Cameraman and veteran safari guide, Rob Vamplew, filmed the bizarre event on a visit to the game reserve in April 2017.

Video Credits:
Videographer / director: Rob The Ranger
Producer: Bunmi Adigun, Ed Baranski
Editor: Sonia Estal

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  1. am I the only one who's mad at the cameramen for not helping that poor buffalo, I mean yeah the lions need to eat, but I mean they could've done that to a human, would the cameramen do the same, or would they interfere
    btw I know that the cameramen aren't allowed to interfere with the food chain and life cycle, as it's their job, but I just feel bad

  2. I live on a farm i use all that i have from conception birth life slaughter butcher and consumption and although it is sad most of the time the circle of life and death moves on but what surprises me the most is that people think that humans have a monopoly on complex emotion. WRONG they are individuals with personalities emotions and a unique life all their own Although compared to our life it may seem bizarre by our standards

  3. I honestly don't know why anybody would dislike this, if they don't like seeing death then they shouldn't have watched this video

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