Steven Universe is Almost Killed (Compilation)

Steven Universe is Almost Killed (Compilation)
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“This is the story of my life!” -Steven
Give this child a break ;-;

The episodes are listed before the clips, so you know when to avoid spoilers.

For the sake of a shorter video, I didn’t include the times he almost died on his own (via shapeshifting, such as in “Cat Fingers” or “So Many Birthdays.”) I also didn’t include the times he wasn’t intended to be killed (like when he fell in “Rose’s Scabbard” and when Jasper knocked him out in “The Return”).
There are so many other times he nearly died. This video would just be the entire show if I included them all, haha.


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  1. 1) Was Rose's fault (living moss with a mind of it's own, like watermelon stevens)
    2) Lapis overreacted
    3) Pearl wanted to show Steven space
    4) Robonoids nearly killed him, but that was because a) they're robots and b) he was in the way of their objective
    5) Peridot doing her job
    6) Was Rose/Pink's fault because if she never faked her shattering, homeworld wouldn't have left a geo weapon to destroy earth after the war.
    7) Rose's fault
    8) If Rose/Pink never faked her shattering Jasper wouldn't be trying to kill Steven, if anything Jasper might've joined up with Pink's rebellion if she knew her Diamond was leading it.
    9) Again Rose's fault (but how DID she get back to homeworld?)
    10) I wouldn't consider that near death, just a concussion
    11) Again Rose/Pink's fault for lying to her fellow diamonds
    12) To be fair, White thought that Pink was hiding inside of the gem while it was being used by Steven, which she wouldn't have done if Pink didn't lie to the diamonds for 6,000 years
    13) Spinel thought that she had been used and was going to be forgotten because she hasn't fully healed and probably never will from the emotional damage wrought by Pink's abandonment
    So altogether 8/13 times Steven almost died can be blamed on his mother, that's 61.538461538%

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