Nepal Earthquake – Visible Ground Movement

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This ground movement is somewhat spectacular to witness, as far as how much energy was released to move Everything like that, and for how many miles in a wide area. The initial movement occurs around the 1:27 mark. Full Screen is Best.
If I had to guess the distance between the camera location and those brown colored buildings, I would say +/- 1/2 mile maybe.

You have to disregard the camera shaking and focus on the light brown background buildings in relation to the row of grey buildings on the right side of the street furthest from the camera. At approximately 1:45 the buildings in the background move left and then right a couple times.



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  1. Its a scary experience….. i felt the same in 2001 gujarat earth quacks… you are simply helpless if the ground beneath you is trembling….. more scary when you live in highrise apartments and you have to climb down all the stairs and need to get as far as possible from towering buildings around you… the worst part is next 2 to 3 months when real aftershocks and our constant imagination of aftershocks haunt us….

  2. Look at all these people at this very moment it doesn’t matter if they’re bosses, workers, politicians, etc
    They are defenseless against the nature. Against a tiny part of universe , just like small ants that can be killed at any moment.

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