Rescuing a Bees from a Tree Stump using a Bee Vacuum – The bush Bee Man

Rescuing a Bees from a Tree Stump using a Bee Vacuum - The bush Bee Man
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In this episode of The Bush Bee Man, Mark tests his new bee vacuum and rescues a wild hive from a tree stump.

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Matt Barber
Jack West
Shannen Finnerty
Shuqian Hon
Trisha Dactyl

Produced and Directed by John deCaux
Executive Producer: Mark deCaux

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Canon 5D mk II:
Rode microphone:
Zoom H5:
Weber BBQ:

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  1. Can tell you’ve used a chainsaw before. At one stage I thought you were going to carve out a bloody cattle dog from that stump!! Look forward to the conclusion. Nothin says Australian like true blue Aussie ingenuity right before your eyes. MacGyver the crap out it. Nice ? Hope the misses wasn’t pissed too much. Thanks misses Bee Man for sharing him and your son?

  2. Hey Bee Boys. Have a look at making a 'Bushkill Beevac' style box. Sounds savage, but it is much nicer for the bees.
    Basically just a base with the bee inlet pipe, then a normal 8 or 10 frame box with frames on that, with a lid that has the vacuum suction into the top, and which also can be removed for ventilation once done.

    There's a few videos around on them. Have a look into it.
    The bees can occupy frames straight away, therefore it is much more convenient for transferring them later. Just grab the whole box and place it on a hive base and slap a lid on.
    Also, because the lid is ventilated, they can stay in there for a day or so comfortably. Makes transporting them not as much of a rush. Them having frames to climb on also helps as they don't bundle up on each other and overheat as much.

  3. Shouldn't the comb be placed in the frames the same way it was hanging in the tree? Putting the comb in the wrong direction can cause the larvae to die… right?

  4. The bees are probably getting banging up in the bee buster as there would be a constant vortex in there as the hose connections are at the top and on each side, if the hose connections were right next to each other on the same side this should reduce/stop? that vortex effect.

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