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Hey everyone. Idk if im trippin or what but it looks like a woman is standing at the top of the stairs. Let me know in the comments if you see it too or if its nonsense. I post videos on this channel but non are Ghost related. I think this is a Real Haunted House, With A real ghost. I think my house is haunted. Please let me know if you want more videos and subscribe ans give this a like so u can follow my documentation

Donations are always appreciated and help my channel grow and provide content and may help me get better stuff to document these ghosts so no amounts too small Thank you

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  1. Hi, my son is a medium, and I can also chase away bad ghosts when I see someones video's.
    So if there is one, it is chased away, if it is a good ghost, it is still there, but I speak to my son Friday, and then I can ask him if it is a bad ghost or a good ghost.
    But if you don't see her anymore, then it was a dark ghost, they are called the shadow people.
    So tell me over a few days, if it is over.

  2. So I've seen a couple of your videos in the past and honestly I've heard stuff in the background and never thought anything of it. Now that you have posted this video it makes sense. I do wish this video wasn't so dark but i get that you didn't want to turn on the lights so we couldn't see what you saw.

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