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  1. My friend, dude when it is your time to go out, it will happen regardless. Love life enjo6the gifts of life. Side note, the 1st thought I had with this reaction, was the queen making you watch titanic right before your cruise…

  2. Some of these people deserve everything they got. Walking across the street not looking talking on the phone, running with the bulls, jumping off a cliff with a parachute. Yeah, that's on you.

  3. I’ve done that slingshot thing before…never again. In Daytona they’re a lot higher than the law allows in gatlinburg Tennessee. Edit: Russians don’t flinch about NOTHIN’! I suggest us soft westerners don’t mess w em if we ain’t got to.

  4. The customer rage vids are fun too. Anyone who has ever worked in a job where you deal with customers directly (retail, fast food, etc) has seen these individuals.

  5. All of these people trying to pass each other; saw so much of that on the I-10 when I moved from Houston, TX to Phoenix, AZ. People be fucking reckless on the stretch between San Antonio and El Paso, TX. The speed limit on the I-10 through there is 80, and it is two lanes east, two lanes west.

  6. 6:16 – People forget lightning goes from the ground up. His umbrella was the perfect conductor. And he was likely wearing rubber soled shoes, hence why he was still ambulatory (able to move by his own means) afterwards.

  7. Poll for people: Which is worse? Stranded on an unknown island in any of the world’s oceans/gulfs/etc, or stranded in any of the world’s vast bodies of water?

  8. This is weird. I'm white and when that video with the people in the pacific ocean came up and they were smiling and all calm, I thought "White people are crazy!"

  9. Always like your videos buddy. Hey could you do some reaction to the SNL lonely island music videos they have many famous people like T pain and Rhianna and Michael Bolton even in their videos and they're funny

  10. Slamming into the side of a mountain after base jumping. Not sure I would use the Lords name in vain, seeing as you still have a long way to go to get off that mountain.

  11. Now how did I predict EXACTLY what was going to happen in the first clip

    Expect the worst hope for the best

    Prepare for the worst hope for the best but you can't prepare for that

  12. Well there goes my slingshot courage. I live in East Tennessee and was gonna do that in Pigeon Forge someday but that idea is no more. You if you watch to many of these you'll end up never going out again.?

  13. I feel zero sympathy for the dude that got hit by the bull. The way those bulls are treated is animal cruelty. Im no peta activist, not vegan. I hunt, i fish but those bulls are tortured and killed purely for sport. So yes i giggle a bit when the bulls get the better of the assholes.

  14. 1.Can we just take a moment to stop and appreciate the fact that the first person was jammin' in their car? I like that song
    2. People in those countries with cattle as a living, they don't play with their money. They'll fight you over a calf.

  15. 10:38 I thought damn I don't know if I could do that but at the same time I thought if that was a controlled flood going under that bridge like ride at universal studios it might be thrilling. It just reminded me of thatbtram ride with the flood. lol

    10:38 That one kind of reminded me of universal studios. I thought damn I don't know if I could do that but at the same time I thought if that a controlled flood going under that bridge like ride it might be thrilling. lol

  16. Dude bounces off a cliff a few times, breaks a dozen bones and says "God damnit!!!" Sorry bro, God didn't have shit to do with it. You done messed up all on your own haha

  17. The vid with the young bear…WHY tf didn’t the person who WAS FILMING holla, scream or throw something at the peep sleeping???!!! He was just gonna watch ‘em get mauled AND film it too??!! Help me understand.

    And yes, yes, yes. Do more!!! I watch this kinda stuff on my own all the time.

  18. Dude L, that bike on the highway doing 90mph was filming the minivan doing the same speed on the shoulder on the other side of the highway. The van was going AGAINST traffic!!!

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