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The thing about living with French people is that I am becoming one! Check out some of the hilarious French habits that I have picked up in my journey to becoming French! ???
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It’s pretty hard to see the French culture shocks when you’re starting more and more to ressemble a French person haha! In this video I cover those famous french sounds, french facial expressions and other quirky habits that come from expat life in Paris.

If you want to see the other side to life in France, some of the most embarrassing moments that I have had, watch this: https://youtu.be/iGpz_AkPEHI

Any other fellow expats in France out there? What French habits have you picked up? Or if you’re French, tell me, am I french yet? what will be the next signs that I am truly becoming French?! 😛

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  1. it's kind of funny that Americans make big deal of every thing that is out of USA habits. Those gestures are universal gestures not only in France but out of France as well, such as Armenians, Arabs, Turkes , Greeks, etc would use these same type of gestures, but for some reasons Americans are far away of being universal, therefore, they make such videos on u-tubes, and it's not their fault, they only know America and one language.

  2. Brazilians pretty much do the same facial expressions. Eating everything with cutlery is also very Brazilian. It might be a latin thing. Je ne sais pas. ?‍♀️

  3. I'm Asian (Vietnamese) American, and my ancestry is Eurasian (French – Vietnamese).

    I have a French grandpa, so I have a French – like (not really from France, I'm from America) accent from him. I also have a Speech and Language Impairment because of the accent, it's hard for me to roll the r's and say the letter also.

    Its gonna be hard for you guys to think about how my voice is like, hehe..

  4. Beautifully comprehended. I could relate to each one of these. I have lived in France for 3 years for work and couldn't get my french skills :(. And, now I am really looking forward to brush-up my skills.

  5. I often hear the French comment 'we have a problem.' For example say, installing a hook in the bathroom handyman comes to me saying we have a problem, I think, oh dear what has happened! He says we don't know whether to put it on the door or on the wall, what do you think? To me, that required 'we need to make a decision' not 'we have a problem.' I hear this so often amongst the French. I must be desirable to be dramatic like you say they love to complain.

  6. too many facial movement instead of words are typical of the inane-uncultured-uneducated youth.
    Perhaps you should hang about with older generations and learn their French – they will have more vocabulary and less faces.

  7. You need to understand that phone and postcode formats depend on the administrative structure of a country.
    That's why USA / UK / FR have such different formats.
    06 —- this means you are in the South of France – departement 06 is Alpes-Maritimes (that's where I come from too).
    There was a time when the charge depended on the departement ie: 06 …
    You probably have no idea of the reason for the phone format in your own country – so let alone other countries reasons for theirs.
    A culture will always seem weird to the shallow people.

  8. You are imitating their sounds (more or less) but they do not come out with any emotion – they are just sounds from your mouth.
    Observe them again – and go beyond the mere sound – when you will feel the emotion then the sounds will take care of themselves – they will be real and not imitated.

  9. I am Russian living in Canada and I didn't pick up any habits so far except saying "Eh?" like all Canadians do and also "for sure" replacing yes 🙂 But I still think I belong to more European than Canadian culture because for example I can't stand unhealthy food they serve in restaurants. Like you come to a restaurant where they serve super expensive gourmet food and they still have fries and hamburgers in the menu. For me it sounds weird. I love French language, history, cuisine, and everything about France. Thank you for the video, it's always mean as!

  10. I lived in Germany in my early twenties. After returning to the US I realized whenever I went shopping I calculated the cost in German first then translated to English second. English is my first language. Lol

  11. As tu eu de la misère a apprendre le français? Moi je suis québécoise mais je vis a Los Angeles alors mes parents (qui ont grandit au Quebec) m'ont toujours parle en français des ma naissance. J'ai meme frequente un lycée français dans ma ville pendant 9 ans.

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