Inside The Aftermath Of China's Disastrous Earthquake (Disaster Documentary) | Real Stories

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In 2008, China’s monster quake claimed 80,000 lives. An international team searches the rubble for vital clues and makes ground-breaking discoveries that will save lives in future quakes.

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  2. kind of odd than in 2008, in a country with the largest population on the planet, there aren't tons of videos recorded of this event. a simple search on google shows tons of deleted and removed videos. i wonder why??

  3. It's funny how China is having problems about space when they literly have that town yes it's going to cost a lot of money and time but its not impossible you have all this celebrities earning millions of dollars but spend it on stupid things.

  4. I never knew about this until like a week ago. Probably because all that was all over the news in 2008 was all about Obama becoming president. Oh, and also the housing market crash. Can't forget about that.

  5. I can’t explain how scary an earthquake is like you can nearly feel it unless it’s his bad. I was involved in an earthquake in Pakistan and I remember just sitting in my class I looked up at the ceiling and could feel the floor shaking the whole school evacuated the building it was sooo scary… you see these things and think god it’s not that bad unless it’s like the quake in China but belive me it’s terrible it’s soo sad ???

  6. Searching for answers in the wrong place the answer is in heaven the All mighty one that sits on the throne..smh for they don't know who causes the earthquakes

  7. How tragic for the Chinese people. What a MASSIVE loss of life, it's inconceivable. The US better take note, California/PNW has a big one coming.

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