Millions of Animals Die in Hurricanes. These Heroes Risk Their Lives to Rescue Them.

Millions of Animals Die in Hurricanes. These Heroes Risk Their Lives to Rescue Them.
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Kristin Hartness and Jay Yontz’s animal sanctuary Ziggy’s Refuge was responsible for some incredible rescues when Hurricane Florence hit North Carolina. Many of the animals they saved were pigs, chickens, and cows that were trapped in factory farms and left to drown. Read more:

“Hurricane Heroes” was directed by Shawn Bannon ( It is part of The Atlantic Selects, an online showcase of short documentaries from independent creators, curated by The Atlantic.

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  1. Probably an unpopular opinion, I'm not a vegan, I enjoy eating meat, I do like pets, but That farmer who took a rescued pig is a fucking animal. I hope he gets a cancer of sorts.
    O won't stop eating animal meat, however I strongly push for insect farming as a more logical and sustainable solution to the current situation.

    Peace and love, everyone.

  2. Bless these people. Seriously… not a lot of people would do this in this kind of situation. But I believe some will. Thank you.

  3. This is heartbreaking to watch, thank god for these people who can’t just sit by and let these animals die. 06:30 was infuriating, first they abandon these pigs and when they were rescued, then they claim them as their “property”.Unbelievable. How most people can see animals, especially farm animals, as property is beyond me. It’s a shame our society still tolerates such animal abuse to happen legaly everyday.
    Even dough this video is heartbreaking to watch, I think it is very important to shed a light on this topic.

  4. ???thanks Philip DeFranco for recommending this. This was the push I needed to stop buying animal products from these awful places. I raised a pig in high school FFA and I loved him, he was so smart and affectionate he really was just like a dog. I sold him to be slaughtered because I thought that’s just how it is, but that’s not true. They can have a good life, the deserve it. I can’t imagine going through all that work to save those pigs lives just to have them taken back and killed. I don’t wanna be responsible for that, I don’t want to be a customer of those products anymore.

  5. Meanwhile Black people think these animal rescuers are literally Nazis.

    "I posted a picture on my Facebook page from an animal rights group during hurricane Katrina rescuing dogs on a charter bus. When I saw that picture my first reaction was that there were plenty of people who were face down in Lake Pontchartrain who could've used a lift."

    Of course that's an informal fallacy, a false dilemma. It's quite possible to do two things at once. They have a truck load of fallacies and excuses for not giving a shit. Sad, very sad.

    "How can we ask a black teen to fight for animal rights when she’s still getting followed trough department stores? "

    That one's called a non sequitur .

  6. Watching this makes me so sad and also incredibly happy because I can't understand why any human could allow such a thing to happen to any creature and I'm happy that there people are there to save these poor animals.

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