Farm Animals are Jerks

Farm Animals are Jerks
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FARM ANIMALS ARE JERKS COMPILATION ►► Farm animals. So docile, so peaceful. We even teach “Old McDonald” to little kids. Don’t be fooled! Farms are full of jerk animals who only think about themselves. Be they sheep, cows, pigs, horses, or ducks, they are all jerks!

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  1. ههههههههههههه اكثر الفديوات التعجبني .مواقف الحيوانات مع البشر اموووت من الضحك عليها …

  2. Honestly, I have a lot to say about this.. But it's mostly humans being.. Dense and quite frankly stupid.
    Don't test animals, they will attack if they're done with you, don't try and be stronger than an animal, and don't show you're scared of them, they'll definitely start toying with you if that's the case

    The girl at 3:50 with the cow could've avoided that happening, by stepping away from the door, and further into the room, and just lifting her arms up high and waving them towards the cow, it's a natural instinct to just walk back if something that seems large walks over :/

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