The Earth's Biggest Super Typhoon

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This explains the phenomena also known as a cyclone with six conditions required for formation: warm sea surface temperatures, atmospheric instability, high humidity in the lower to middle levels of the troposphere. One of the strongest tropical cyclones ever recorded called “Haiyan” devastated Southeast Asia, primarily the Philippines, with the loss of 7,500 people on November 3, 2013.


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  1. In my country has survived from cyclone cempaka and dahlia. But this typhoon really super powerful than those happened in my country. But vulcano earthquake and tsunami really make worried in here

  2. Thank you for your continued love of God and bless each and every one of you great prosperity and long life with no more suffering YVO Canada
    The rest of us planet wide believe in you Philippines thank you for all you have shown us how to brave our challenges….

  3. The sun and all the other stars and planets are closer and smaller than what we have been told. 😉 Pseudoscience + cgi + cartoons + movies + tv shows are not reality !!!
    @ wake up people !!!  Open your eyes = open your mind and use your brain !!!  #  now, with
    modern technology you can see it with your eyes ( just with a camera or a telescope ).
    the sun, the moon and all other planets are not millions of miles far away, otherwise you will not be able to see them just with a Nikon P 1000 or with a telescope. Logic !!! Think about it !!! people wake up !!!  
    there is no curvature !  The water is flat = the earth is flat (and stationary ).
    Debunk the globalist heliocentrism and evolutionism.
    We are not coming from monkeys !!!!
    We are Not living on a spinning ball flying through millions of galaxies !!
    We are Not dust !!! #  we are Not a grain of sand in the universe !

  4. Your just a Typhoon, And we are Filipinos.. hindi sumusuko sa anu mang hamon ng buhay., Maging bagyo ka man.. Life must go on that's the true Spirit of all Filipinos..

    #Keep Smiling Filipinos,?
    #Let's Pray for Japan??

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