Creepy Haunted House – Real GHOST Caught on TAPE

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Real GHOST Caught on TAPE!! at this creepy haunted house located in Indiana. The Monroe House is known as one of the most haunted houses in the United States. During this paranormal episode as Real Demonic Activity is caught on Camera during this paranormal ghost hunt at the house.

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  1. Some unseen beings follow me all the time, I recite this protection mantra from Tibet 108 times daily to keep them away: OM BENZA WIKI BITANA SOHA. Learn more here: bit((dot))ly/DSretreat

  2. We need Kieran (sp)? Back. You kiersten and him had such a great repore in the sally house. You all brought something to the table and it was so entertaining watching you three. Hope to see him joining you guys again, keep up the good work.

  3. Does anyone know the part where he got hurt? I've been searching for it for a while! The night it happened, my mom woke me up from sleeping and was totally freaking out about it.

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  5. Hi Tim & Co, Thank-you again for a fantastic investigation they have all been awesome in the Monro House I have to say….You have all worked your butts off so Tim you and Kristin and Kristin's Husband are still the best in the Business of ghost Investigation so keep up the good work this has been totally amaze balls this time love you guys….Mary UK…xxx???

  6. Why the fuck does this dude with the glasses talk soooo fucking much. Evidence is missed because investigators love to hear themselves talk so fucking much! With the EVP sessions there's too little silence and time taken between questions, it's annoying. Improve your investigation skills by shutting up!!

  7. I'm sry but David is uber annoying! Everything to him is "creepy" & he acts like he's more in it to get ATTN rather than to gain evidence or an understanding.

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