Top 10 Teen Wolf Moments

Top 10 Teen Wolf Moments
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Top 10 Teen Wolf Moments

These are some of the most memorable Teen Wolf Moments to date! We’ve included moments such as when Allison died in Scott’s arms, Stiles is afraid he has the same brain condition as his mom, Kate is alive, Allison found out her mom was dead, Lydia’s birthday party and the hallucinations and when Scott was going to kill himself!

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  1. You should've left the number 1 scene rolling because right after that the wind blows and the torchlight is heading towards the gasoline but Lydia sees it and pushes them out of the way. Without Lydia they would be all dead. Also it proves how she also cares about them

  2. that scene of Stiles not telling his dad about Gerard was pretty much throwing Erica and Boyd under the bus. Stiles had evidence that Gerard had done something to him, aka his injuries, and instead he chose to leave them to die.
    And don't even get me started on the racism behind giving Scott that dog bowl.
    Honestly a lot of the Stiles scenes here are scenes that are part of the reason he's probably my least liked character on the show.

  3. Moments that SHOULD have been up there:
    The pack break Lydia out of Eichen House
    The pack fights back against the beast in the season 5 finale
    Scott becomes a true alpha
    The nogitsune is destroyed/Aiden is killed
    Scott, Stiles and Allison complete the sacrifice to find the Nemeton
    The Anuk-Ite is destroyed
    Malia changes back to human
    Jennifer/Julia is revealed as the dark Druid/Darach
    Gerard is defeated (both times were spectacular)
    Tons more to name

  4. there are other scenes i loved : every funny scenes with isaac, the end of season five, when stiles say to lydia that allison saved scott from sebastien with his memories, the end of the season 6 with all the pack and alec…

  5. Are we seriously not going to mention when Stiles disapears and his father suddenly remebers everything and he realises his wife is actualy dead and he has a son he needs to rescue?? Man, Sheriff Stilinski was so fliping good. Also, what about Stiles rescuing Lydia from Eichen House??
    And all the times Lydia proved to be super friking smart as well as sexualy confident / being "the pretty girl" like, heck yeah femenine AND genious!!

  6. I saw the first episode with my then not yet girlfriend and thought this is some teeny drama s*** … damn, I was so fucking wrong. It's one of my favorite series of all time and finished it hole like 5 times already… Mieczysław is the best of them all xD

  7. holy shit i was going through this video and as time kept on passing and they didnt show the motel scene with scott and stiles, i was getting so anxious and angry lmao- then came the honorable mentions part and i was like THEY BETTER HAVE IT HERE IF THEY DIDNT PUT IT IN THE MAIN LIST and then to see that that scene was actually no. 1? wow i- I AGREE. i had seen that scene before i even started watching teen wolf and it had affected me so much right there and then only. itll always be my fav scene (when we talk about a SINGLE scene) in teen wolf tbh. i loved how in TW, the most relationship that they showed was ALWAYS scott and stiles' friendship and not any love story! so in short : this scene will always mean the world to me and break my heart in a beautiful way whenever i see it. so so special <3

    also crystal's acting in the scene where allison realises her mom is no more is so heartbreaking as well. what amazing acting there! like they said in this video already it looked SO REAL and was hard af to watch, wow the acting!

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