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  1. I aint racist but this people got problem so, if you see me staring it cuss i am ready for something to pop off but only with the black man cux they being shooting wild so i always ready but with the girls i let them do what they do.

  2. Those bitches are fucking stupid , gonna mace ur own ppl , that's crazy, then y'all gonna jump someone whose basically blind, u mfs need beat tf up frfr after this shit, and since ur so called friend isn't grown enough to mace the right ppl only , she too yung for that shit , she needs socked once ur eyes heal,

  3. Where is black lives matter? Oh yeah…black lives dont matter as long as you are black, you can beat each others ass and kill each other. That's acceptable, I guess.

  4. This is why i stay to myself. I tell anyone, if you borrow anything from me. My house fenced in. Throw it in the yard and blow the horn and take off. I'll get it?

  5. You are so special, lovely and dear to me as I was one of you. I would like to share with you life changing testimonies because I love you so much, and I desire you to benefit from it. It was an account of gloomy doom of horror and torture. Always, they mocked, snubbed and rejected whenever they were warned until they met their waterloo.  Pitifully, each of them was disappointed, and silenced by death at different times, and were cast into a roaring sea of liquid fire. There they burned and melted, choked and gasped simultaneously. They thought it was a dream, but sooner, they realised they were dead. They screamed and groaned as the  pain intensified and excruciated unimaginably. Like meat being roasted in fire or meat being fried in boiling oil, so they were. Added to the pain and suffering, was the gruesome infliction meted to them by some horrible monster creatures. These entities poked them furiously and ferociously with sharp spears. The hell demons mocked, blamed and accused them of all their wrongs (of having lied, deceived, stolen, hated, boasted, cheated, envied, fornicated, murdered, slandered, and mocked others) while they were alive on earth. They were reminded that they failed to stop sinning and failed to seek for forgiveness and salvation from Jesus Christ, the only Son of God, who loved  all people, and who paid for the wrongs of everyone with His own blood on the cross, in order to save everyone, and to give the kingdom of heaven to anyone who seeks it. Some of them knew that it is written in the Holy Bible : 'For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life'. John 3:16. Likewise, some also knew that the blood of Jesus can wash away all sins if they repent and seek for forgiveness from Jesus Christ. 1John 1:6-8. However, they ignored  this TRUTH, and they continued to sin, but in the end, sadly, death claimed them, and they were plunged into the gloomy doom of hellfire. Testimonies of death to life from peniel ngonde tv and others: Howard Storm, Mary K. Baxter, Daniel Ekechukwu, Angelica Zambrano, the young Korean girl taken to hell.

  6. She is not ya friend…. she maced her… laugh about it and then let her get beat up…. when she tried to get in the car she drove off like bruh who do dat..?…. everybody in the comments FAKE FRIENDS

  7. Black ghettos are basically satellite African nations. Tomorrow they will cry racism and oppression, then loot and burn stores in their neighbourhood and then complain there are no jobs!

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