Unique video: Super-rare ball lightning moving across Siberian field

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Courtesy: Roman Tregubov https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr_s–xKN7IEbW_YAjjH9rA

A unique video of a giant fireball moving across a Siberian field was caught on mobile phone camera by Roman Tregubov in July while he was staying in countryside just outside Novosibirsk.

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  1. A self-contained plasmoid. If we understood how the plasma is able to contain and sustain itself with it's own magnetic field, we would easily achieve net positive fusion. Is the physics of these plasmoids understood and if not is much effort being made to understand them?

  2. Now days people keep joking on rare videos instead of watching and getting amused.. they just want to flash their sense of humor so desperately.. Even if a real alien is filmed, these pricks will come here with smileys saying look primitive africans have come back.. Fucking sick minded

  3. I would think that has more to do with a high voltage line than anything… The way it's following that "line?"
    I mean, it's nothing like the Ball Lightning I've witnessed.
    What mean is, the ball lightning that Came in Through my Bathroom Window moved far more quickly! When it came near me, I smacked it to the ground with the utensil in my hand (luckily, I had just before entering the bathroom been making something for my wife in the kitchen; and thank goodness! I was literally protected by her silver spoon, which I still clutched in my hand! I would never have touched that terrifying thing with my BARE hand!!!) and it bounced several times then shockingly expanded/faded/blinked out with a "sizzzlaawaaappphh" like sound!! Unbelievable!!!!!
    My neighbor heard it and reported me for the noise! Do you believe that? ME!!!
    Looking from the outside, it seems outrageous! Didn't anybody tell her? Couldn't anybody see? I, Son Dae, was on the phone to mundane employees of the emergency services, stating: once I hang up, I'll be outside waiting; while my wife Tu stays on the phone to me. She can inform me of any issues inside, and I can guide the first responders to our unit.
    Anyway… Cool video.

  4. Там ЛЭП не проходит?
    Потому что синий разряд – свидетель КЗ, а не шаровой.
    Шаровая должна белым или теплым светом быть.

  5. Why was Michael J Fox filming a orb lightning in Siberia? as for the video, Arent those electrical poles? It seems its making a lightning arc not a ball one.

  6. We had these but smaller all the time where I was from during episodes of heat lightning since it's so flat. Static energy would build up and condense into essentially a "lightning ball" and shoot across the field

  7. Since science can't explain ball lightning, I think it might not be lightning at all, it might be something more complex like dark energy or anti matter, because they appear even when there are none thunder storms nearby.

  8. 1:01 This is a UFO! I love the way it changes color from blue to orange in a quick flash of light at around this point in the video. Lots of people tend to report UFOs flickering from blue to orange like that. Sometimes they just stay orange after flickering from blue. So amazing!

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