Hippos Come to Rescue Wildebeest from Crocodile

Hippos Come to Rescue Wildebeest from Crocodile
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Timing is everything when visiting Kruger… 72-year-old pensioner, Mervyn Van Wyk and his wife Tokkie, understand just how lucky they were to be in the right place at the right time!

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Latestsightings.com was so excited to hear how this incredible sighting played out. Mervyn explains: “It was a fabulous Friday morning and at approximately 09:30 we were driving close to Transport dam near Skukuza.

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As we approached the dam we noted that blue wildebeest, zebras and impalas were happily grazing on the opposite side of the dam. I turned the car into position so that my wife had a clear view as she wanted to take a few pictures.

We happened to notice that one unlucky wildebeest was grabbed by a crocodile on his right rear hoof. This began a game of tug of war that lasted for around 8 minutes. The wildebeest would try dragging itself out of the water whilst the croc would pull it back in. You could see the exhaustion that the poor wildebeest was experiencing. Tokkie kept the cam rolling while I observed the area in the close vicinity. I then noted what I thought were more crocodiles approaching but then saw it was actually 2 hippos.

The hippos approached the scene cautiously and then suddenly sprang onto the croc forcing him to release his grip on the wildebeest. This amazingly allowed the wildebeest a chance to escape even though he had a broken hoof.

We could not believe the rarity of this situation. I have never seen a hippo coming to the aid of another animal, it was simply astonishing. Remember in Kruger, never rush away and always be patient because these amazing sightings are everywhere to be seen”.

While this might seem that the hippos were rescuing the wildebeest, it is most probably hippos showing territorial behaviour. Hippos don’t like sharing their turf and might have seen the wildebeest as an intruder, thus attacking the wildebeest to get him out the water.

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  1. I appreciate the courage of the wildebeest to keep on trying and not succumb and get eaten by the crocodile even if it has only one day/hour/minute/second left to survive…it was able to unentangle itself from the predator….an african entrepreneur has used this video to give a very important message that whatever be tge challenges/problems difficulties on must keep on moving…even with grave dangers help can come from unexpected places (like the hippos) and they also need not intend to save/help….

  2. News update
    The widerbeest died and it was buried on the 24/08/2019
    Spill some henessey for my homie wilderbeest he was good ride to die nigga

  3. Great!! Now it has a damaged foot and someone else will eat it!!! You're such an idiot, I don't know why Youtube doesn't have a section just for graphic crap, so the rest of us don't see it.

  4. So instead of drowning it will now suffer with a broken foot for a few days and be ripped to pieces by hyena or suffocated by a lion. Bad job hippos, you fat evil scum.

  5. थोड़ी हे देर में जंगली कुत्ते और लकड़बग्गा उसे जिन्दा खाएंगे… So Sad

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