Animal Fight Championship – Round 1!

Animal Fight Championship - Round 1!
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  1. This is very nice video but I think I would have been a lot better if you had cover more "kinds" of animals then you did, specifically, I am talking about the video having 2 bears, 2 crocodilians, 2 elephants and 2 buffaloes, which to me makes me feel like they are place fillers though they probably aren't. You could have jaguar vs wolf in the 3 rd battle which would represent both cats whose hunting styles are different from lions and tiger and canines which aren't in the video at all (though they would be on the lower side of the spectrum in terms of weight but the alligators are also low weight compared to others anyway) and someone commented you could have made it seal/walrus vs the crocodile and had the hippo fight the African elephant and you could have used moose or something else vs the gaur
    I am not saying the video is bad or anything just that those repeats nag me

  2. You should have paired the crocodile or alligator against something like a northern elephant seal. Sill insanely powerful but at least has a similar mobility. Pretty much anything on the list would just be able to go around the croc and attack from above or behind because crocs have very short legs. Plus it would be interesting to see an elephant seal fight a land animal

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