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Survivors (Saoirse Ronan, Mikey Day, Heidi Gardner) of a gas main explosion are interviewed on the news.


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  1. Nothing wrong with a man collecting dolls, but own up to t man.
    Also as someone who collects American Girl dolls, not only do they no longer sell the Kirsten doll, but she was from the 1850s, not 1920. Also she's wearing Rebecca's outfit. I don't even think that's a Kirsten doll. Just a look-a-like.

  2. i'm just gonna go ahead and say it …. alex moffat is hot.. his voice is deep and rich, his eyes are so kind, and he's just a snack overall. i scream when i see the man, for Godsake,,,,,,please put him on more i need more moffat content.

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