Hope For Paws – One Million Views!

Hope For Paws - One Million Views!
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http://www.hopeforpaws.org – Reaching a million people wouldn’t have been possible without you sharing these videos on Facebook and Twitter. Awareness is the key to improving the lives of millions of animals all around the world. Please share, make a small donation to Hope For Paws, or buy our book “Our Lives Have Gone To The Dogs”. Thanks!

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  1. Absolutely Love HFP!!!??????… But I Seriously need to ask… What kind of Animal is Mousy… The One doing the Grooming at 1:17 !!????… A Dog, Cat, Chinchilla!!???… I Seriously couldn't tell?… So Please… Let me kno!!!?… Thanks!!!????

  2. There's a guy from Italy on KQED Who sings this song, said its from WWII. The Italians looked at the American Soldiers wearing jeans, baseball caps, 6ft. tall and Admired them. Wanted to be like them. The Song was made! ?

  3. I would like to explain, I ONLY disliked a couple of videos because the were NOT rescues, and the "follow-up" was worse than bad. I normally LOVE "Hope For Paws", and have finally found a similar group closer to home (ST Louis, MO), but still not close enough, since I'm on the west side of Missouri. I even suggested the St Louis group watch your channel for tips.

    Worse-than-usual music combined with half-hearted images that are NOTHING like your usual videos… Do you see what I mean?

  4. Love ? all people who care ❤ and love ? all ANIMALS! ? Thanks to all involved is rescuing and making sure these sweet innocent babies get loving furever homes!?

  5. For balls, I get racquet balls, they are smaller than tennis balls and are furless. Too many times I used to see my dog running back to me playing fetch only to see her cough because of the fur that came off the tennis balls and got in her throat.

  6. It's a beautiful story and it broke my heart to see Fiona when she was found tossed out like trash, I could hardly stop crying and it is a painful thing but there are literally billions of animals living in even worse conditions being tortured, confined for their lives to pens so small they can't move, so small they crush their newborn babies alive and sleep on concrete floors under near constant fluorescent lighting (meat industry) animals who are often scalded alive since they don't bleed out in time after having their throats cut…not before making it to the boiling tanks — used to remove the fine hairs.

    Animals confined to a life of slavery, rape, who have their babies torn from them as they scream and cry for their loss…babies which if female follow a life of slavery after which when their bodies are too broken their dragged off to have their throats cut, the males only days old sometimes are confined to tiny crates before their killed too…babies, because their byproducts (the dairy industry) and all so someone can have a glass of milk or bit of cheese.

    Hour old chicks, ground up alive, because males aren't needed — they don't lay eggs so their also a byproduct and are tossed out like trash to suffocate or thrown in the rending machine (egg industry).

    Chickens have their beaks seared off so they won't peck each other, actions caused by stress because such social birds can't handle being in the unnatural environment they are forced to live in, baby pigs have their teeth cut, tails cut off and if male their testicles cut off all without any pain relief and all of this suffering is legal, it's right there happening every day yet nobody bats and eye….please show compassion for all species, do your research, these animals are just like Fiona, they fear like she did, they feel pain, loneliness and suffering and all they want is for it to stop.

    Anyone can help, just by keeping animals and their products off their plates.

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