Terrified dog gets amazing transformation – Sunny – Takis Shelter

Terrified dog gets amazing transformation - Sunny - Takis Shelter
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Sunny was in a car accident. The law in Greece states that if a stray dog is injured then the municipality is responsible to treat the dog. After the dog is treated, neutered and vaccined and if none wants to adopt it the dog must be released in the area that it was found,. Sunny was about to be released and I went and adopted her because she was terrified of humans and releasing her would not be good for her. It was very difficult to get close to her. When she first arrived in the shelter she was mortified she had pooed all over the box.With a lot of patience and within a few months tim Sunny became an adorable dog that got adopted.
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Name : stegi prostasias adespoton zoon
IBAN : GR43 0140 6620 6620 0233 0001 066
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  1. Takis, you and your Family are amazing rescuing as you do. I've made a donation to try and help a little. Lots of love, from South Wales, UK xx

  2. Thank you Takis for sharing this. I smiled all the way through watching how Sunny became the great dog she was destined to be and found her forever home. We really do need to spey, neuter and adopt animals to prevent the millions of sweet yet unwanted little ones who end up being euthanized (killed) around the world every year.

  3. Aww. She’s doing so much better. So happy. Such an amazing transition…so beautiful….and people don’t think dogs don’t have emotions. So wrong. They feel as we do. Maybe not as quite as thoughtful and more instinct than anything but they feel. You are an amazing man Takis.

  4. What an idiotic law releasing it back where you found it ! How does that help the animal and how does it look after it’s well being? Absolutely stupid law !!

  5. Wow amazong job Takis! So glad she got adopted, hard work always pays back! How about the other dog in the crate at the beginning of the video?

  6. 1:19 I know this may sound a stupid question but how do dogs distinguish between men and women?
    Is it do with scent or the physical differences between men and women?
    If it's the latter, then I have a follow-up question.

  7. Every time I see your rescues of the poor animals I am so happy to see the positive results of all you love and kindness. Thanx you so much Taxis for all you do for the animals. Love you so much.

  8. about the first thing you write about Greece's law: last year i found a very bad injured cat on my doorstep (probably car hit or dog bite, im not sure, his belly was messed up) I took it to the vet (iatreio mikrwn zwwn) and they told me his caring would cost more than a thousand euros. The municipality wouldnt give more than 200 for it and their choice was to euthanize it. I told them i would try to find money and care for it myself, i left it there for 2-3 days in order to have med examinations and after some days they told me he died. Im not believing they did what they could, If they knew it was my house cat and i would 100% pay, im sure he wouldn't have died. The municipality didnt give a fuck and also the vet didnt care that much. So I dont think the law says that municipality should neuter it, unless the vets were lying to me.

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