Fight Choreography with Iko Uwais & Sam Looc

Fight Choreography with Iko Uwais & Sam Looc
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“Two men at the top of their game. With everything to lose, they put it all on the line when they get in the ring. Guided by actual professionals who know what they’re doing, Brian Brushwood and Jason Murphy are… Some Old Guys Who Do Cool Guy Stuff.”
[SOGWDCGS text treatment slams onto screen]
“We don’t offer discounts on seating, even though you’re only going to sit on the edge.”
Unedited footage for this episode ($5+ patrons):
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(IMDB) Iko Uwais
(IMDB) Sam Looc
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Music used in this episode:
“Awake” by B-Side
“Palm Parallels” by Deeb
“The Lime Vibe” by Unda de Sango
“Kensington” by Stan Forebee & Kyle McEvoy
“King Jebadiah (The Falcon Messiah)” by Cullah


“Armadilla” by Bassti
“Ghost Brotocol” by Triune Films

Most of the music from the show:
This episode was made with the help of:
Brian Brushwood – host —
Jason Murphy – host —
Brandt Hughes – camera operator / editor — –
Bryce Castillo – camera operator / live audio engineer —
Iko Uwais – guest —
Sam Looc – guest —


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  2. Mile 22 doesn't make sense they said it's from indonesia but it's from america the President was an indonesia person im very confused

  3. hello i'm from indonesia thanks for the video, a little story. silat much of its history in the colonial era in Indonesia, we lived under pressure at the time, to fight the invaders, many silat styles but basically taught humility, training in martial arts used to be more difficult, more extreme when practicing, using original weapons, beating and kicking seriously. if exposed is a risk ", my parents practiced every day legs and hands beaten with bamboo sticks, and kicked us not using samsak but wood or bamboo trees, and when warming up push-ups, hands were clenched on rocks, I also learned Silat and shorinji kempo from Japan, I pray that we all learn to live from humility, it will produce positive energy for us, greetings from Indonesia, the spirit continues.??

  4. Kungfu scene will be replaced by Pencak Silat Scenes. There have been too many hoaxes about kungfu. Pencak Silat has been Coreographed for many ceturies on the streets of Indonesia. In terms of coreography, pencak silat is unmatched on this globe. We, Indonesians, have been doing it for centuries, and some even do it for living. For the real fights, we have joined MMA, and the coreography, Street groups have been performing for living. I myself have witnessed in the provinces of East Java, South Kalimantan, Central Java, West Java and Jakarta, Should you find fihgting actors, come to Indonesia. We have thousands of them. I used to be a street fighter myself…. in fake fights though. Always look like real.

  5. Not the most realistic fights by any means, but Iko Uwais is a legit martial artist. The moves show his influence, Pencak Silat, and from what I know learning a form of it for a number of years, it's more of a stylistic kind, unlike japanese martial arts such as karate or jyujitsu, which are often used by MMA practitioners.

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