Democrat Policies Are Worse Than Natural Disasters In California

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These are the ramblings of a lunatic, they are probably wrong and you listen at your own risk.


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  1. Excuse me you think that facial hair makes you look manly it would on a man on you it makes you look exactly like Mike you are an unshaved mangina

  2. What's the matter salty that's sand in your mangina h this apparently you're pointing your fingers at everybody and anybody it's getting tiring get somebody to f*** you in your mangina and maybe you'll feel better

  3. If they waste money and come up short, then use natural disaster funds to replace what they've misspent, isn't that misappropriation of funds or something?

  4. I keep telling my friend who thinks this isn't a big deal. When you have that many rats in a small area, you are almost guaranteed some form of plague, I'm just waiting for it to really catch fire.

  5. The Dems in CA are 'biding' their time. Each time there is one of those 'Satanic Rituals' are conducted by these Commicrats, they pray for the 'Big One', so that all of these problems (and the records of who they arose) can be wiped away.

  6. I was stationed in San Diego while in the Navy. In 1990 there was a homeless problem then! You would be out on Mission beach and they would almost fight over the beer cans! After I founded out I could get money back from a vending recycling machine I started keeping my own beer cans and soda cans! I had a guy steal over twenty cans I was saving when I went into the water to cool off. To many people in our group walked away and he grabbed my bag of cans with several other people’s bags and he was gone! I had my stuff locked in my car and I had an alarm put on my car when I came back to get it before driving it cross the Country from the East Coast. After I was injured and involuntary medical discharged from the Navy… For the longest time I missed the Navy but I especially San Diego! The beaches and the eye candy on the beaches! Now there is no way I would move to Commie land!

    When they changed the timber companies contracts requirements that said the minorities only could bid on the logging tracts! This shut down the logging businesses and sawmills! Now the wild fires are burning the timberlands instead of allowing it to be cut for timber and sold they would rather let it burn and spend millions fighting the fire than sell the timber!

  7. I really hope California separates from the union, I’m sick of those fuckers and their failed politics spreading like a damn virus to the rest of this country

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