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  1. I saw the first one in real time and the one in chair I wasn't sure until you slowed them down and it confirmed it,they are the real deal if you go back bring digital recorder and ask them things and you'll probably get answered and bring a better camera with a clearer picture great video and happy hunting lmao

  2. I definitely saw what they were talking about, but it could possibly be a reflection of the light off of the chair. The eyes are trained to create patterns that are recognizable and/or familiar, such as a face or personage. Better quality cameras and perhaps some periphery equipment would be necessary to make any good conclusions about the existence of extra-existential beings in this location.
    Why hasn't anyone used a gopro?

  3. Whatever. Only pussies take time to "dislike" any videos. If you don't like something, don't watch it again. Simple, isn't it?

    With that said, this video is unconvincing and pathetic and there is nothing scary about it.

  4. 3:56 OMG this is just a flashlight effect…
    The cameraman sux and there 's nothing to see.
    The only reason i don't dislike this video is because you had balls to go there…

  5. @EarthWarZone watch again, I think I saw a person in a seated position fade away as soon as the flashlight looks at it, best seen on the 10% speed for both

  6. I don't see anything on the 2 one. I looked at both the right chair and the left chair but I can't find anything out of the usual.

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