Military Aircraft in Death Valley Canyon !!!

Military Aircraft in Death Valley Canyon !!!
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Footage from my 3 day trip to Star Wars Canyon!
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday December 13th, 14th & 15th, 2016

Aircraft seen:
F/A-18 Super Hornet
F/A-18D Hornet
E/A-18 Growler
F-16 Fighting Falcon
B-52 Stratofortress
C-17 Globemaster


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  1. Wish I knew somebody down in that area that goes to see these days that lots of aircraft fly into the canyon. One day I would like to drive down there to see this and take some pictures and video. How sweet it is!

  2. Wonder what  squadron is flying the F/A 18D around the 5:32 min. mark?  God bless the Delta’s, Old school getting down an dirty with the grunts.  I guess maybe VMFAT 101 still has to have a few around to train up the Jarheads????

  3. Got Buzzed on the main road here a few years back by a single F18…..dropped down low onto the road and came screaming at me ……have to say one of Life's GREAT experiences!!!!! Go USN…..

  4. The first one is a United States Navy Boeing EA-18G Growler of VX-9 "Vampires" from Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake, California. You can see the XE Tailcode on the Vertical Stabilizers ( Sabs )!! Awesome video!!

  5. We stopped off here on a road trip through Death Valley in November 2016 and I had no idea planes even did runs here. Parked at Father Crowley Overlook looking down this valley and then suddenly 2 x F-18s come buzzing through. Amazing!! Will definitely be making a point to stop off here again on my next trip 🙂

  6. does a clean growler have same aerodynamic performance with a clean rhino? I always wonder if there is an aircraft with a growler systems but rhino armaments.

  7. Spencer, great stuff, definitely want to do this soon. I've been to Father Crowley a couple times and driven past probably 4 or 5 more times and never seen AC so timing seems important. Do you have a sense of the bast and worse times of the day and week to go there? I understand weekends and holidays are generally not too good and that makes sense, but is any day of the week preferred and what about time of day? I'd guess weather plays a role as well.

  8. You got lucky, the Navy just grounded all of the Hornets and Growlers. Nice footage, I was planning on going next month if they get flying again.

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