Ghost Attack Caught On Camera Inside Old Joliet State Prison

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A spirit attacks a ghost hunter inside of the Old Joliet State Prison’s abandoned X-Ray room during a paranormal investigation.

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Ursula Bielski, Colleen Nadas, and Leslie Maniatis


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Music by Kevin MacLeod


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  1. You guys I'd never, ever seen nothing so amazing like these?, I got subscribed right away?, God bless? and protect you always. ? There's no words to describe how good these video is, WOW ???☠️???️??

  2. Smh that last part was so good idk what he was filling but I wish he would have just held out a little longer smh it did look like one was trying to get inside him tho so I wouldn't be ok with that but the other one was just waiting there idk man that's crazy

  3. this is by far the best evidence any body has every caught you had the spirit box and the Kinect on showing what they did to talk smh that's crazy they go in front of the box and talk that's crazy they even try to go inside you and touch the device

  4. I have always wondered why people think prisons are haunted like you would think hospitals are haunted cuz that's where people die from but most people don't die in prisons like Alcatraz people always talk about it but only 7 people have died and it wasn't an old prison like it was even used that long and only a few guards died and I don't see them staying there just flying around so than why would any prison be haunted unless they are stuck in limbo but if they are free roaming they have better places to go to that's why feel like most prisons are haunted by demons or evil spirits stuck there

  5. It looked like the two spirits were tryna gang up on him like they were gonna try and posses him or (in the spirits mind) beat him up very cool vid and great evidence

    Edit: at the end u can see the ghost in the back leap on to his back kinda like it was tryna stop him from walking away

  6. So intense. I was feeling a little on edge. This had some amazing spirit communication. Always a joy too see new videos.

  7. Joliet State Prison, is that in Joliet, IL?
    There are 3 states according to 'ol Google with cities named Joliet..
    1. Joliet, IL
    2.Joliet, TX
    3. Joliet, MT
    judging on how cold it was, I'm guessing it is IL…

  8. I've been there multiple times when I was in high school.

    The last time I went, somebody had used bolt cutters on the locks & fences; so I got to explore THE WHOLE PLACE. It was REALLY frickin cool & I don't usually feel bugged out, because I'm an atheist; but THERE IS a vibe when you enter Old Joliet. Just the hallway with cells in it, is enough to deter the bravest urban explorer. I usually went with a group or just a buddy because I heard gangs hangout there but I went with just a girl this time because she wanted to see it for herself. I didn't want her going alone but SHE WAS ABOUT TO DO JUST THAT.. Anyway, after we had LITERALLY explored the whole prison, I asked her if she'd seen the roof before & asked if she'd climbed one of the guard towers, but she hadn't. So I figured we'd go to the main entrance & climb the spiral staircase, to get to the third floor. As I was about to open the door, I heard steps on the other side. As if there was a person with heels galloping right up to me. I wasn't thinking of anything paranormal because that's not how I'm wired, but it did sound strange; so I turned around to see if she was hearing this, but she was already running down… ? I tweaked & started sprinting down, too. That's when I heard the door open & it started coming down, too. ☠️ I've never run so fast out of that place, I thought someone was chasing us; but when I looked back, there was nobody. I didn't even care about the razor wire with blood on it, I just kept running & I haven't been back since. I'm kind of disappointed they're letting tours go on, because it's such a gem. ?

    I've had vivid nightmares about this place where I'm running down those stairs & I end up in the same spot. I've had ones where I'm stuck in one of the cells or I'm in the main entrance running to get out but I always end up in the same spot. My dad was a med tech at Statesville penitentiary for 30+ years & when I told him about this he called me a dumbass because they literally needed hazmat suits to clear out all the asbestos when it was shut down. This was my main reason for never going back^ but it still gives me the heebeejeebees whenever I think about it.

    When I think of Old Joliet Prison now, I get goosebumps & I feel like that place never left me.. Soooo..

    ..Have fun on your tour!???

  9. I’ve been inside and explored what what’s accessible to take photos. The infirmary is extremely creepy. Mid day walking in, turned to see an open door that’s pitch black 5 feet in. That was enough for me then

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