Animals of North America. Voices and sounds

Animals of North America. Voices and sounds
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Voices and sounds of North America animals for children. The kids see their photos and hear their sound. Аctive links on the time of appearance of each animal: 0:10 Squirrel, 0:28 Raccoon, 0:46 Bald eagle
1:04 Bobcat
1:28 North American porcupine
1:45 Gila monster
2:04 California sea lion
2:18 Canada goose
2:34 Mustang
2:51 Gray wolf
3:17 Skunk
3:31 Rattlesnake
3:45 Northern cardinal
4:02 American bullfrog
4:23 Elk
4:42 Arctic ground squirrel
4:55 Stoat
5:08 American bison
5:28 California quail
5:43 North American beaver
5:58 Caribou
6:10 Chipmunk
6:26 Red fox
6:44 Cougar
7:03 Mountain goat
7:16 Elf owl
7:30 Coyote
7:51 Muskox
8:07 lemming
8:22 Wolverine
8:38 Wild turkey
8:56 Muskrat
9:09 Alligator
9:23 Ring-tailed cat
9:41 Moose
9:54 Grizzly
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  1. So i heard a sound that was really close (im outside) i couldnt hear any growl so i look up sounds if owls. Nothing poped up so i went to this video half way through the video i see a FLORIDA PANTHER in my driveway. Oh helllllll naaaaaaw

  2. I live in southeast Michigan and I go hiking a lot. There's been a few times when I've heard an animal that sounds like a gila monster out in the woods.

  3. This was helpful, but, if you don't mind feedback…
    The 3 common animals that I was really hoping to hear weren't in the video; Deer, Bobcats, and Fisher cats. And, the Musk Ox isn't a common, wild animal any more, and a couple others are uncommon too, or only from Alaska. It would be nice to see a compilation of animals that are likely to be seen/heard in all or the majority of the states.

    Also, I know that there are many species of birds (too many to include in a limited time video), but it would be interesting to add Owls, Hawks, Loons, and Osprey. And, you can probably take out squirrels, since we all know what they sound like.

    I love the pictures! So cute!

    Thank You.

  4. Recently went camping over the weekend in the back woods of BC, and in the morning heard this bloody creepy call that I didn't find here.

    It sounds like a kid scream. It was a short burst like a single fox cry, but the pitch was much lower, more like a very pissed off crow, and it would only do one cry. It was loud as fuck. Anyone know what that is?

  5. Just at the first one with the squirrel, I want to tell it to shut up. Like an old man telling the kids to get off my lawn. It's also a family joke to talk about the squirrels' cussing and swearing (they get very chatty when there is a cat nearby). With raccoons, we talk about as if they're a mafia. They fight a lot.

  6. You missed a very important sound that raccoons make. When they’re afraid they make such a cute noise I can’t even explain it but you have to look up a video of it. Everyone has to hear that sound at least once in their life.

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