WTF!!!! Ghost caught on camera in graveyard, Amazing footage

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This was caught at Wilne Church, there is an evp saying hello near the beginning and then you need to look between the cross gravestone and the next one, it looks to us like someone with either long hair or wearing some kind of veil crouching down and looking at us, hope you find this as amazing as we do, please comment, thanks for watching.


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  1. What do you mean "Disappeared really fast"? The man just scanned the light past quickly, then waited 10 full seconds before his flashlight starts slowly blinking on again, this is obvious, i'm sure you guys like to feel spooked, but that was his friend, this was scripted. Human, no ghost. Didn't disappear, had 10 full seconds to wonder off taking their time.

  2. When you just watch it in normal speed it's really hard to see it just looks like a light from the torch shining on a tree, but if you pause it at 46 seconds or watch it in super slow motion then he's right there does seem to be something there and it does look like a woman crouching down if you look closely you can even see features .

  3. I caught the giant face at 00:46 and immediately it changed into what appears to be a woman with long hair crouching down in between the 2 headstones…

  4. It appears to be a giant face..  I hit pause at 00:46 and it clearly shows a giant face complete with features such as cheeks, chin, mouth, and nose.  The eye area is blurred…

  5. If this is a real grave yard.. i give you props for being bold, cause aint nobody have enough money to get me out there in the middle of the night with a camara in a cementary.

  6. You have to replay and edit your videos like this and point out what your trying to show the world. Posting a video like this along with the difficult commentary is simply just a waste of time.

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