These Three Elephants Were Rescued, Only To be Chained Again | The Quint

These Three Elephants Were Rescued, Only To be Chained Again | The Quint
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Three elephants were handed over by the Kanchi Mutt to the founders of Tree Foundation in 2016, to give them a happy home closer to their habitat, in a chain-free facility at Marakkanam, Tamil Nadu. Their happy stint was cut short in three-and-a-half years after a court order ruled that a ‘chain-free’ facility was in clear violation of the Captive Elephants’ Guidelines.Forest officials used brute force to relocate these elephants to a facility in Trichy. Do you believe elephants don’t deserve to live chain-free?

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  1. The wild belong to the wild.. Free and happy. They were not created by God to be chained or human slaves!! Abuse happens everywhere… Whether in the form of elephant rides, zoos, temple elephants etc…. No living being would choose a life of captivity and abuse.
    Elephants rescued from abuse should be sent to sanctuaries where they get full veterinary care, food, freedom and safety…. There are many such sanctuaries in India!!

  2. Wo bhnechod ise sbke samne mar rha hai or hm ganesh chturthi pe ganesb ji ki puja krte hai shrm kro mc bc.isi lienis desh ka bnta dhar hai

  3. I know you people are send by god wo madrchot jo inhe mar rha tha mera dil hi beth gya wo part dekh ke.bhgwan acident main uski dono legs lele.
    Puri jindgi tdpae use

  4. Confusing Editing (for whether they are free or not!)
    The part of the video in which they are being chained should've been included at the end…as it is the most RECENT one…and most of the people are getting confused about the current status of these ELEPHANTS…
    This video should get support from people all over the world in order to help these elephants get their freedom ??

  5. They are such intelligent and sensitive animals and very family oriented its so nice to see them free ❤️Thanks to all this team gor giving them back the life they deserve ✌️✌️

  6. Elephants r sexy and very very intelligent and the strongest…… very god job I know it's costly if I become big I'll donate….. save them… .. even Alexander got nervous seeing them in India and their trunk is capable of turning pages of a book….. precision….. hmmm !!

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