Slightly Single in LA

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Moving to LA – it seemed like a good idea at the time. Dale (Lacey Chabert) can’t seem to make things work – at work, with her friends, and definitely not with men.

In a city where hype, hookups, and heartbreak are as common as reality shows, it’s hard to find something real. Now she’s caught and in the middle of a love triangle with her best friend (Jenna Dewan) and a guy from her past (Kip Pardue) – a great guy. Maybe the best guy ever.

Sometimes, a girl’s just got to take a leap a faith. And with a little luck, maybe Dale’s LA dreams CAN come true.


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  1. No wonder shes fucking single.Shes boring as fuck and the guy obviously likes her and she runs away.Women who are blind to a man that tries hard deserve to be lonely.

  2. HELP, HELP. Maybe someone can help me with a name of a movie I saw a few months ago. I totally forgot the name. Plot it. A young married couple, the wife decides to have open relationship. She encounters sex with hot guys, the husband is a carpenter and has his own shop. An older rich woman hires him to build a table for her. He goes to her luxurious apartment, and starts a sex relationship too. The couple talks about their encounters with other people.

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