REAL GHOST CAUGHT ON CAMERA in SRI LANKA සත්‍ය සිදුවීමක් බියට පත්වෙන අය නැරඹීමෙන් වලකින්න

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The people who were in this video they have faced reall incident in Sri Lanka. . They went on a trip at down south Sri Lanka

these guys went to see a old house which is nearlly built 150 years before.
And suddenly they got to know that there is a ghost story in this house.

So these guys decided to see this story true or not. These guys were well prepared and came out in the midnight to see the ghost. And these guys sees the shadow of a human and they runing away.

Next day one of these guys got sick after seen that shadow of a ghost.

This video uploaded to see that we can realise this is reall ghost or if not any other things.

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