Eating LIVE OCTOPUS in Korea GONE WRONG!! (ended up in hospital…)

Eating LIVE OCTOPUS in Korea GONE WRONG!! (ended up in hospital...)
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I tried ALIVE OCTOPUS in Korea and had to go to the emergency room. Live Octopus is a Korean delicacy but can be dangerous!
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Disclaimer: I do not recommend this! People have died doing this and looking back I do not want to support the consumption of live animals.

It is still an interesting part of Korean culture which is why I decided to upload this Video.

Would YOU try it? Let me know below!

Video by National Geographic:


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  1. Dont put the whole damn thing in your mouth chew the head first until its dead and if you eat it whole it might hang on to your throat and choke you.

  2. Omg! As soon as you walked into the fish market, I was like “oh s*it!” And when you sat down in the restaurant with the octopus, I was like “OH NOOOO…..” ? I like most seafood, but I draw the line at octopus and squid! I ESPECIALLY won’t touch anything if it looks the way it was before it was killed OR if it’s STILL ALIVE! ? I was cringing, shutting my eyes, biting my hand and waving my phone away (that I’m watching this on) with my other hand! ??
    I’m sorry you got bitten by the octopi (English plural for “octopus” ?), and I’m glad you’re okay with no venomous injuries ?

  3. Guys if you never tried it before and you see these kind of videos, it’s not the first impression. The shop cut the octopus into particles not whole. These people just ask it to be whole. I know coz I’m korean

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