The Most Brutal Psychic Fail Compilation Pt. 1

The Most Brutal Psychic Fail Compilation Pt. 1
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The best collection of psychic fails. Watch Theresa Caputo, John Edward, Sylvia Browne, Derek Acorah, Sally Morgan, and many others fail miserably in this epic compilation of psychic blunders, mistakes, failed predictions, and lies. Watch these mediums epic fail when they appear other peoples shows where they can’t control the edits. Several psychics fail to prove their paranormal claims while attempting to win the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF) Million Dollar Challenge. These self-proclaimed psychics fail big: Theresa Caputo exposed on Anderson Cooper, John Edward fails at cold reading, Sylvia Browne mistakenly says a living person is dead. James Van Praagh makes a fool of himself in front of a live audience. Sally Morgan pretends to hear the voice of a dead grandmother, without realizing she’s channeling based on the picture of a grandfather. Confirmation bias, shotgunning tactics, Barnum statements, hot reading, and cold reading, can fool many people, but only when you’re not looking for the psychic misses during a psychic reading. When you don’t focus on the hits and ignore the misses, it’s obvious how fraudulent these supernatural claims are.

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  1. Kevin Allen from Michigan has solved cold cases and he was the real deal but he didn’t exploit his gifts like some snake oil salesmen,he did readings for years and mentored people,he didn’t do cold readings or generalizations,he would tell you stuff there was absolutely no way of anyone else knowing and he didn’t study up on people before they came in,he was featured on dateline

  2. i got a tarrot card reading. it said i would have 4-6 kids
    i want 0
    it also said i had a sibling, and since i dont my mom must of miscarried at some point.
    not to her knowledge

  3. This is funny to watch them make fools of themselves, but it's not funny at all when you tell someone their child is dead and you have absolutely NO CLUE what you're talking about. That's just evil! I am glad these phonies are being exposed!

  4. OH MY GODDDD the "that little girl is me" fuuuuck lmao

    you know what I appreciate the one that admitted she cheated in the chocolate factory. i cant stand when they try to keep lying.

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