Rescuing Animals Moments From Slaughter

Rescuing Animals Moments From Slaughter
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Hundreds of ordinary people are walking right into slaughterhouses and taking the animals out

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  1. I dont understand whats the point of slaughtering Animals If You Can Just Sacrifice YO SELF (A.K.A I LOVES VEGGIES SO WHY CANT THE WORLD JUST BE FILLED WITH VEGETABLES NOT MEAT

  2. humans are the worst animals on this planet… only those who don't do anything like that or anything super bad like that are true people the others that torture are disgraceful disgusting i dint have enough words to describe them…

  3. thank you so much. once i am older i will do as much as i can to save/ prevent animals from pain. i love them so much, it pains me to watch humans and the cruelty they brutally give to animals. every time it makes me cry. i can’t thank you enough!

  4. So great this action to liberate and save these poor suffering animals ! I wish I could get an liberated animal! I would spend these animals an new safe and happy life in the garden.

  5. this evil practice should be illegal!!!!! these people who put these animals in this situation should go to jail!!!!! in the same size cage that the animals were in!!!!!!! evil evil human demon

  6. I went to a slaughter house today and saw things I wish I never have seen before,I saw a lamb with its head cut off I saw a lamb on a rope ready to be killed

    Edit: I really wanted to stop it, my dad took me there cause he thought it would be “cool”

  7. Any kind of agriculture, even farms growing fruits and vegetables, displace wildlife. Forests that were once home to songbirds, insects, squirrels, deer, wolves and mice are converted in order to produce commercial crops. Commercial farms kill crop-eating animals (labeled "pests") with natural and chemical insecticides, traps and gunfire. Even organic farms shoot deer, kill moles with traps and employ natural pesticides. Farms also commonly use fertilizer made from bone meal, fish meal, manure and other animal products.
    Bug parts in food: Because it is nearly impossible to harvest, process and package food without some contamination from mouse feces, rat hair or insect parts, the FDA allows small amounts of these animal products in food. Have you ever had an old bag of flour suddenly sprout bugs? It's not spontaneous generation.

  8. I saw the VICE video and sympathize with the farmer you disrupted. What you did inspired me to start a small chicken farm operation at my residence. Now I get eggs everyday and my kids learn how to responsibly raise chickens. God bless you all.

  9. Thank you every soul participate in this great job.. Really giving us promising hope for the future ..hope one day our dream come true and close all slaughters and go vegan

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