Ghost Caught on camera?

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This capture inspired us to create Washington State Paranormal Group (W.A.P.S.), and we consider this to be our very first investigation.

We were visiting Pike Place Market and we were up by the stairs next to the guys who toss the fish (at the bottom of these stairs is The Alibi Room Restaurant & Bar, the area across from the Market Theater enterance), when suddenly you can see, below the stairs, a ghostly figure walking across the screen.

This unknown apparition walks right into the wall located at the bottom of the stairs, which we can’t explain. If this is a real person, why is it all cloudy and you cant see their legs, then disappear? And if it was a person, there is no way they could disappear out of frame like that due to the wall at the bottom of the stairs. It is interesting to see this figure “form” before your very eyes…

We didn’t see anything at all down the stairs when we were filming; no one walked by, as this was filmed when Pike Place Market was closed. We didn’t notice this figure until we watched the video for the first time waiting for the Seattle Bremerton ferry.

We apologize for the horrible editing as this was our very first video.

We have shared this video with Mercedes Yaeger, who hosts the Pike Place Market ghost tours, and she also can’t explain it. (

Ben Hansen and Larry Caughlan from Syfy’s tv show “Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files” have also viewed the video. Thank you Ben and Larry for viewing this and messaging us back via Twitter and fan chats! (

We have gone back to this location numerous times to try and re-create the strange figure we caught. These are the re-creations we have tried, and none of them duplicated this:

– Flashlight
– Car light
– Video light from video recorder
– Walked by with a bright white t-shirt

We hope to create a video showing you, the viewer, our re-creations, to document and show that we can’t re-create this strange apparition.

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  1. See a child on the right side of stairs looking at the camera person and turning head looking down…this is more interesting than the white light on the bottom of stairs

  2. Yes, the white, moving dot in the blurry video must be a ghost. I can't imagine what else it could possibly be except a ghost. No other possible explanation. ;D

  3. The woman of the bead store there told me there was a little girl who died there way before she put her shop up. I don't remember the whole story, but people should ask her about the ghost.

  4. @DKHellsing Thanks for viewing our video – we have gone back to this site in the past and tried re-creating the event and have failed. Mercedes, author of "Market Ghost Stories" and leaders Market Ghost Tours around Pike Place, has tried to re-create this as well and she doesn't have an explanation too…

  5. @DKHellsing There is no possible way that is a car driving by. Not sure if you have ever been to Pike place, but if you have, you would know that the level they are on while filming in front of the fish market is the level of the street. Down the stairs is underground. That can't be car. Not validating that it is in fact a ghost, but it's definately not a car driving by or any kind of light from outside.

  6. Not for one minute do I think this is a flashlight (given the time of day) We went down there and tested the lights. One, the light that appears travels slowly at above waist level. My first thought was a scooter. (I do believe in ghosts, I also like to debunk things) The height of the light and that of a scooter's head beam don't match up. The other weird thing is that there is metal at the doorframe in several locations that should provide for an intensity of light as it passes by.

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