ASMR || Real Ghost Caught on Camera *NOT CLICKBAIT* (+ eating POPCORN/whispering)

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Enjoy this quick little video of me eating popcorn and talking about my ASMR video preferences…and more importantly asking you what YOU think about youtube, ASMR, ads, and more. Also, caught a scary ghost on camera….LITERALLY not clickbait. Skip to 21:58 to see and hear it go down…I’m actually shaking lol please help

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What is ASMR?

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  1. 1) I prefer neatly cared for natural unpainted nails or clear polish, but fake or natural painted nails are fine. Sometimes if the colors are harsh it’s a tiny bit distracting. 2) I like the background to be soothing and undistracting. For role okays I appreciate when the background goes with the theme as long as the quality is good but keep it simple. 3) I can handle ads in the middle of asmr videos, as long as the audio isn’t jarring, but I hate when you have to click to move back. I totally support ads before/after. I wish there was some way to avoid loud startling ads. 4) Mostly I skip ads asap but I will watch or click if I am interested but I didn’t know about when the asmrtist or content maker gets paid. I will start to watch more ads. It’s funny though with the ads in the middle of videos, because if The content is good I want to skip so I can get back to it. If the content isnt good then I will not only skip but stop watching and move to something else. I don’t do autoplay though.

  2. How comfortable are you with ghosts when you hear one and all you do is take a bite. ? You're like I don't care how dead you are, these just got buttered pal!

  3. Nails:
    I prefer natural nails. I don’t mind whether they are done or not. I won’t notice unless they pop in a positive way like when you matched that slipper some time ago

    Backgrounds: Green screen is distracting. The harsh edges take way from any of the intended submersion. I like the backgrounds you’ve been doing lately with the cloth, wood, or chalkboard wall. And your living room when it’s appropriate.

    Spicy food: No, not for me ?

    Ads: I let ads play through. I typically have other things I can put my focus on while they play. I’ll skip them when I’ve clicked on some corporation’s video like a movie trailer or late night television clip. I also skip ones that are 5min+. If I’ve got a playlist on for a single creator and one video ends with 2 ads, I will skip the 2 that come up in the next video. 4 is just a bit much at one time.

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